Saturday, July 13, 2019

Ok... finally at library... trying to take care of business... hoping to have interview and see what its like with the new online school... frustrated and overwhelmed with things, but I figure I can take of things one step at a time.. Happy that Jerrel was able to try to get my lawnmower fixed and then realizing that the garbage disposal isn't working because of the electric plug to dishwasher isn't working... I have to get a dishwasher... have so many things to do, but if I get the ball rolling... things will get done.. its about manifestation... whatever that is.. to be is to be perceived... Im happy that my son won another swim race... He won the freestyle, and second in backstroke and Brea stroke... He could have won the back if he kept a straight line! x mother in law was watching him and bought him a new pair of swim trunks! Chimney Hill is a pretty neighborhood with lots of trees.. If I plopped down not knowing where I was ... I wouldn't think I was in Oklahoma!

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