Saturday, July 06, 2019

All the time I waste... Or perhaps I'm wasting time writing thousands of pages for this blog about my life that perhaps her for you guys to read or really for me to read to just take a picture of the moment I'm so frustrated with my ex because she doesn't care and now I have to pay an extra $200 plus a late fee because she didn't tell me that we had to sign the lease by July 1st so we get an eviction notice and she thinks everything's going to be alright and she doesn't care because I have to pay all of the extra fees.... So I'm actually speech to texting right now and it's a whole new concept as far as how many books could a great writer right when he had this wonderful ability? I have all these ideas that I want to express to you... I should be proud of myself that I actually finally went to the library where I had a lot had access to a computer with internet and full capabilities so I could finish this application to this other job of teaching... I feel like Putnam City is really history there is so much politics dot-dot. Perhaps if I was a a gay lesbian it would be much easier for a me of to have kept this job... So I come home yesterday feeling better because I've actually put in another application and actually gotten off my ass and done something towards taking care of our very Dysfunctional Family... I have these ideas that I wanted to express to you yesterday but that after going to the apartment and seeing my ex dot-dot-dot She told me that we got an eviction notice just after we talked to the landlady of the apartment who really doesn't have the say-so was we had to talk to Ryan the very gay landlord

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