Sunday, June 23, 2019

Well I decided to try a new theme for this blog…
Sometimes I’m amazed at all the posts that I’ve written over the years and comes up 2000s so I need to just ask help take those baby steps john garvald and figure out how we can put it all together maybe Leanne and help me with the steps and I think I’m going to go ahead to summer now that I’m without employment and get it published…

 Guilt and fear are our biggest enemies… I fear my interview tomorrow to teach emotionally disturbed children at a high school… I worry about how I will handle it instead of just thinking of the interview and being positive of how I can help these children better than anybody else… I have to show the principal interviewing me my assets, my experiences, my steadfastness and my stubborn desire to help these kids
 Yes guilt hinders me so much… I was so worried about my older brother coming to visit me on Friday… And showing him my messy home and just reading his mind knowing what he’s thinking how can my son live in such a messy home?…
 And then I get angry at people who judge me when I can do so many things better than any one else but they won’t except my little idiosyncrasies such as being dissed organized I like that dissed organized,,,!!
Dissed organized could be added now Mr.  to the lexicon of garvald… But this weekend taught me so much… I was so worried about my brother having to see me and how would I show him my messy home ?.
but after we pick him up at the airport ,
I decided for us to take a right turn and head downtown for Bricktown
this was a great impulsive move  getting to start off the day with positive vibes… Ron was really impressed with Bricktown and I was actually proud of it thinking how it was just 30 years ago with empty warehouses and how this is kind of spread to recycling of decaying inner cities and serves as a model for other cities in this revitalization just from one petty sales tax
this has helped the city in so many ways..
 So we had a wonderful day until my aversions for lecture
At  home overwhelmingly ... I can’t handle the question about My major challenges in life…
after he stayed the night I was to the point of telling him that I don’t want to be pushed just like it was finally hard to tell the neighbor to somehow get the point about leaving me alone about my wild front lawn…
Maybe it was good that he only stayed one night because I have a feeling he was bossy enough
an older brother would only continue it  and be increased tenfold if he hung around another day… And I was very reluctant to let them come to help me clean up the home even though that’s the best thing because it’s overwhelming just like Boot Camp per se…
Steve you know what I mean it’s backseat driving but about your life!!
But it was wonderful seeing the product of our visit in my sons backstroke
Colin murray kicked freaking ass,,, !!
Beating out those twins that beat him in the previous race…
I think the competition of those other boys being so close to him in time has also increased his  remarkable improvement with only three weeks of swim practice

( I hope Mr. Chromac might look at these essays?? and give me give me his “unprofessional “
review or critique of which parts of my writing are the best and suggestions and perhaps from 1000 of my pose which one could be the diamond nugget and which ones perhaps could be the copper nuggets so to speak which ones are the most humorous… Which are the most sad… I hope compilation maybe put 100 to 200 pages together and then even make cheaper paperback copies that everyone goodbye )

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