Friday, June 07, 2019

 I’m trying to enjoy this summer vacation and not feel guilty about my laziness. Even though I have so much work to do. But I just want to say fuck off. I’ve been traumatized so much wanted to do such a wonderful job at work and that was just all sabotaged. Or do I let myself get into these periods and when I just sabotage myself or sabotage my career.?
At least At least I take solace in knowing that Colin is improving in his swimming and we’re putting time into his swimming and then I can go ahead and try not to feel guilty about just being lazy watching YouTube and writing here on my blog.
 my son just called me mad. He is obsessed with his fortnight her. Talking to his  fortnite pal, Jedediah .
We are connecting in a slightly dysfunctional way but at least I get to see him and I get to see them grow and realize that he is so smart. So this is finally I guess I had the surgery Tuesday. Now it’s ... Wednesday Thursday Friday.
 Time is flying by so rapidly.
I could feel sad about my life and it’s continued failures but take solace I am learning!

But I just want to enjoy and savor these little times of comfortable weather where I can still open the windows and be thankful we’re not in the middle of a flood zone in the Okie zone.
Colin resents going swimming. But he knows it I’ll  take his fortnight away or his mind stop game. I ask him what game are you playing now Colin? Quotation marks what game are you playing Collin right now?
Do you know what he just said??
. I do not want up my son to grow up to be a racist. But these days with Donald Trump dominating the airwaves in the Twitter civilization we have no  qualms, no filters!!!.
Colin has swim race tomorrow! I bribed him 5$
And10 $ if he wins a race!

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