Wednesday, June 05, 2019

OK so it’s June 5 is possible time to take a picture with my words. Period. Worried worried about so many things. Just had hernia surgery my stomach.
 So while I’m watching the news and I’m enjoying this medicinal healing well I just take it easy. And I’m just so happy that I’m just get to hang out with my son. Regardless of what the hell is going on in this country and in the world. Climate changing and. Worries about my limited time on this earth. What can I do what can I do?
Wowwww....I said return just immediately when this other lady on PBS news says return. Sometimes I almost feel like God is talking to me or ...

Pppp pass...
And I’m watching this show about the veterans. I think about my father would be 103.
 He was a captain of intelligence in the Australian army...
I think about my friend Charles who was in Vietnam and how he risked his life to prevent communism ..
I was really worried about what I was going to do when it was time for me to get drafted. WoulI have to go in college sure perhaps could I roll in roll in the Coast Guard so I wouldn’t have to fight and get shot.

And so I’m enjoying this really nice medicinal plants to help me deal with the trauma
 sure I’m enjoying this really nice medicinal plants to help me deal with the trauma of malicious children
What causes these angry children to become adults and then there’s warfare.

The human race has Wars continually all overtime. When did tribes of Homo sapiens just decide that they had to go out and kill other tribes other people of their own race or not of the Road race.??

There is a nice period of time when America was not  involved with wars. ..But think of how we could take care of healthcare how we could take care of people how we could do so many things.

Well this text to speech is wonderful I’ve been right thousands of pages for my Game of Thrones book. I need to get it together. I need to find the right person the riand then help put it together
.Are you sure you’re just worried about what administrators would say. I can never get used to see what some judge mental lady had preconceived notion’s about one of the few male special ed teachers in the department.

I’ve never seen so much backstabbing since Game of Thrones at this middle school...

For a small walk today with Buffy and saw the answer of the lady that has cancer in remission and we were talking about our dogs. He was worried about me growing

for a little bit on the early notice how I stomach will extruding from the hernia surgery.

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