Wednesday, June 05, 2019

OK it’s safe to come out of the closet now in regards to enjoying this wonderful plant and the euphoric feeling that her brain.

Wow I say paragraph

And it goes to another paragraph with I was that
I say
New line then it goes to a Nother line

I wonder about who my audience will be it will be a neighbor, if it’ll be angry Murphy or  the witch Michelle or many of the ladies that have had influence on my life

I do this while I really enjoyed the  elixir of my ex father-in-law who my ex wife brought back from Arkansas

I do a few bowls and then I really have the wonderful urge to write more than looking pretty news anchor woman while I am blessed with watching Collin  shoot people on fortnight

I always worry about the angry half for turning me in for looking the wrong way or peeing in the wrong direction and this is where I agree with you Republicans as far as asked me to generation women can get away with everything and they’re taking over eventually they will take over

So this is the fourth day with summer.
So I’m enjoying the summer before it gets too hot while there is this freaking Global warming.

I’d really didn’t think it was possible where my voice to text could be all written down

Donald Trump is over in England. He is the master of distraction running away from all it’s happening about his impeachment and doing everything he can to constantly to stop distracting country from the greatest common game of this country.

I’m still suffering from those heffer assistants who took over my room.
It went from a really good year where I was getting compliments from all the teachers to  a Sour year full of backstabbing
these assistants were sent to spy on me and report back to this other lady all in all this effort from the teacher not to gain power on.
Much of education has been taken over by women angry women.

I wonder who is my audience. I have used to have this magical muse... And then I realized what was I falling in love with.
Still have the greatest desire to put all this together in the book but I need help. If I could do things more independently I would’ve been much more successful this year. As again it’s another learning experience. Again this summer I’m in limbo as far as what I’m gonna do next year. Or what will I do when I finally escaped the Okie zone...
I must really admit that my ex father-in-law in law knows how to grow the green.

My x owes me big Time...
 I should be happy that at least we have some sort of truth between X farther along in the sun. And I wish my son would get his feet off the furniture. I love my son so much. And I think at least I could be as devoted to him as I possibly can. The fact that I’m so lazy he kind of follows my laziness. Or we figure OK we should probably conserve are going to call and

“I’m gonna turn it off if you don’t get your feet off the floor !”

This is part of me that feels so guilty. Sometimes I think my mind could go that extra bit or just get the mental energy to put the damn air conditioning unit in the window rather than fix the whole central air conditioning system. What

There’s so many things that I could talk to you about in this somewhat anonymous blog. That there are more Russian Raiders then there are American writers believe it or not. I wonder how Steve and how Leigh Anne  is doing with her writing  ...

So Garvald you have to realize that you were writing this blog for yourself. To read perhaps when you’re close to 100 and laugh at moments of your life. And wishing that you could talk to your younger self. And say just enjoy every moment.😇😎

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