Saturday, June 08, 2019

OK I’m getting over my hernia surgery... as soon as my stomach feels better I will try to acquire a lawnmower ,
to mow my lawn I’m sorry that you have to look at my lawn each day.
I hope you like the flowers on my magnolia tree.

To my mainly Russian audience[??}, this is  exactly the reason why I haven’t been writing on my blog!!!

 I wonder   the reason that you just decide to read it daily??
if you don’t like what I say why you read it???
This blog is for me and nosy folks who want to know about me they can talk more crap??
Do you just check my blog each day or even though I haven’t written written in several months?
Rumor has it, neighbors sleep in the trailer so hear the gossip of the ,hood...

Well if you notice that somebody wants to lend me a. Working lawnmower and my stomach feels up to it I will mow the lawn just to please you...
I feel guilty each day feeling your penetrating eyes look at my lawn in disgust ...

 Did you leave a note on my mailbox ...?.
do you ever leave notes on other peoples mailboxes?
About their lawn or ugly truck
Is and trailer s...??
To mow their lawns?

A couple months ago you on your own decided to have somebody mow the lawn.... it made my day after already having issues at work. To come to beautiful green lawn with flowers scalped!

How do you think my neighbors would react if somebody just decided to mow their lawn without their knowledge?
Do you think that they would be upset?
I still haven’t received an apology for you just taking liberties with my lawn on your own.actually looking the prettiest.
Beauty is in the eyes of the
I guess you could see me sitting on the lawn and actually seeing the beauty of the beautiful variety of spring flowers brightening up the lawn.
 Do you send emails to the highway department because of the wild flowers that are growing along the side of the wall norm when demand that they cut it.?
 Do you decide to cut somebody else’s hair because you don’t like their you don’t like the way they look.?

 In case you wanted to know if we’ve been having monsoon rains for the past month so I hope that you are a little bit more forgiving about an extra long lawn..

You get upset with my blog
but that’s my only outlet and I am sorry I ever let My friend know about my blog because no you read it religiously.
If you don’t like my blog you don’t have to read it. It’s my outlet.
Have a nice summer..

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