Tuesday, June 04, 2019

 Wow it’s June 4 and I just had laparoscopic hernia surgery at Mercy Hospital.
I haven’t written it on here for awhile
  for  several reasons one of which is I have very nosy neighbors.
Sorry to say this but believe it or not that’s the reason the biggest reason that I haven’t written much. I have some afraid of judgment. Like I’m afraid of not mowing the lawn
 And now I regret that my lawnmower is broken down so I will get that note on my mailbox
well I guess you’ll be nice if you do read it like you generously , Helped me out
.sorry you take it very personally when I read write on here then go tell your favorite bully on the street B.A. Showalter what I’m doing
 Or you might mention to each other what I just wrote and make sure that I know that I’m writing on my blog or complain about Buffy.s dog house...

It’s really nice now that I can do text to speech. Then I can see how to formulate the sentences. And this will be a much more realistic  picture of the moment. When I am possibly write down all my thoughts. I could tell you the problems is that I have as a teachings challenging students
For many reasons teachers are judged..

 Other things have become legal especially in medicinal weed. I could tell you about a lot of things
But as a teacher we dare not talk about it because of negative connotations
. I have so many ideas that I want to write for my book. I know that I’ve been very obsessed about mermaids. Then I think of the ocean and then I get very thirsty and then my mind goes elsewhere to grab some erotic thoughts Just is Jimmy Carter made that mistake a long long time ago when I happily married man mentioned that he does have less full force. That was mentioned in playboy back in the late 70s no early 70s.
To be continued 

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