Thursday, June 13, 2019

I have unfortunately already shifted myself into doing the lazy days of summer.
I’m trying to absorb all this beautiful cool weather after the okie  monsoons have left ...
and the cement parking lot ponds  are drying  up ...
10os of Little tadpoles
 perhaps  a few might eventually metamorphise  into frogs after being eaten by crows or dried up by the hot Oklahoma sun 🌞

I feel very guilty , currently right now of not having a job and mower quit
being that the “duration of contract” expires.
Little job security...
Unions have little power ...

Human beings are treated poorly as teachers these days. Children abuse the teacher and even physically assault them..
I don’t want to even think of how our schools are devolving so horribly or principals are afraid ofparents....And there are no consequences for bad continued mis behavior.
Teachers struggle to teach with kids all over the classroom.
 You make eye contact and they say,

How do you respond to “what.”
 I say
“ do you want a picture.?”

Women dominate in the education field now and it is very precarious being a  old white male teacher ...
There is a natural age prejudice  in education...

I will figure out a way to get the lawnmower working so that I can appease my neighbors with my alternative lifestyle front yard.

.. after 63 years of existence on this earth,
., I’m realizing that people resent u when you start enjoying yourself.
Or perhaps that you just want to be yourself.
 Being that it was  duration of need contract they don’t have to give a reason...
 and there is a lot of backstabbing by Heifers who don’t do anything but sit behind their computer s...
It is been taken over by predominately backstabbing females.
 I don’t dare want to mention the school.
Some dislike me  andwant to expose my blog.
Maybe it will happen!,,, and publish my book...
So even in the best of circumstances there is no free press!

I really felt I helped a lot of students especially the children that we were a little bit slower
but their grades improve dramatically ..
Their national test scores increased dramatically.

I’m not so caring about my writing right now ..
I’m just taking a picture of my thoughts and I don’t want to forget that this blog is real in my diary for myself to look at and
if it becomes a bestseller so be it.ðŸĪ 

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