Thursday, June 06, 2019

 Oh dear my ex is coming over and I will try my best to not be annoyed but I think I deserve some sort of medal hopefully at least a gold bronze silver one of those medals... what I tolerate in order to keep our very dysfunctional family together.....
 Global warming has created this mass flooding that I have never seen before with in the last four decades since Jimmy Carter was president.

Wow I can’t believe this text to speech. I’m kind of enjoying all of global warming in these cyclonic hurricanes because it actually reminds me of beautiful mermaid beach. When we were all hunkering down for a storm and I would look around for my swim trunks and hurry up and want to just take a swim out the ocean regardless and I figure if it’s my time it’s my time and I’m free and it’s beautiful and I’m back in paradise.

So there are lakes all over OKC and just think of all the environmental impact at all this crap that the water is mixing with and draining off into these rivers.
Does the human race not see what it’s doing to itself. ....??

So I took my son swimming 9 o’clock and then the thunderstorms just suddenly were coming  The rain was coming down down sometimes as fast as like God or some giant way high  up 35,000 feet dumped a whole bucket of water on you.
Or my son says like perhaps God taking a very strong piss piss.

So I know that this stuff  I write is way out there ....and I still have to keep this  anonymous....
so much pain for fear that one of these heifers that just loves to get me in trouble with Call up and say this man is a teacher and he’s writing such trash. Which creates a form of self censorship ..
.Or worry about neighbors that get upset when I get tired of them complaining about my lawn or about the big huge trailer and who sleeps in the trailer at night and listens to my most intimate conversations...

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