Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Crowmac says I have a voice. I need to find out when I’m using that voice. And emulate it more.
If you’re reading that this stream maybe you can tell me which ones are the best prose??
 And I want to publish this and I want to put it into a book and I’d be willing to even give you a commission for some of it...
Finding that voice is what I’m finding that audience or I know who specifically I’m talking to you whether it’s the wedge or the lady on the school bus on that beautiful island paradise created by Volcanoes 🌋 recently on the evolving earths timeline
… Or just connecting with another woman , it’s  a wonderful momentary mind melding orgasm…
I’m going to Nimbin
It is been a very long time garvald,
and trying to find another magical hippie girl… Will it ever happen one last love of my life?? 

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  1. Rather than identifying each post I think has potential, I have written some suggestions on the last post. I hope that helps you. I cannot write for everyone; just me. That post addresses what you have asks in both posts.