Sunday, June 16, 2019

 So as Scrooge would say,,,
 Ebeneezer Scrooge
let’s say he was living right now in the Oklahoma zone.??
 What would Scrooge do just before Christmas and he’s only got 1000 days to get it done??
Or perhaps it’s the bloke from my fair lady back here in the Okie’zone and he says,

“ good drinks and girls all over London and I just got a few more hours to track them down. “”
Happy Father’s Day John Garvald,

I worry about  the Duration of need contract is over and
I suppose I’ve only got three more minutes before the next commercial is over of Meet the Press.??

Many things to do so many things to write about so little time to put it all out there.
 My actions on the cave wall.?.

this can be turned into a song I take a photo or take a photo of Buffy to take a photo of my son:
 I take a photo of me ???

with the biggest fear is taking the photo of
our inevitability...
Again I’m on the verge of two roads take down, a poem from Robert frost. I feel very poetic today

and to be
heard on this beautiful day
 in fear of what’s not neighborly
or just the inevitability
 of our eminent domain
 and the alarm clock goes off
You ask yourself
 how many units of time we have left to put our actions on the cave wall?

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