Saturday, June 29, 2019

82 degrees!! in our large living room with one small window unit... and so I think yes we as a family are making the least carbon imprint on the street I could probably say with confidence.. but others would judge us saying that I keep the house so warm and how dare I when I'm helping to bring up a child... we are comfortable he's in great shape is becoming one of the fastest swimmers for his age group.... although I tolerate a lot of disrespect he behaves super well with everybody else including uncle Ron who was so impressed with his brains... and I'm so excited that with a financial incentive he got into the peaks program where a child is in the top 3% for his age in his country... so I can't be doing too badly I must be doing something right, regardless of others who judge us!!! big heffers judge others the most... from what I have observed...

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