Saturday, June 29, 2019

82 degrees!! in our large living room with one small window unit... and so I think yes we as a family are making the least carbon imprint on the street I could probably say with confidence.. but others would judge us saying that I keep the house so warm and how dare I when I'm helping to bring up a child... we are comfortable he's in great shape is becoming one of the fastest swimmers for his age group.... although I tolerate a lot of disrespect he behaves super well with everybody else including uncle Ron who was so impressed with his brains... and I'm so excited that with a financial incentive he got into the peaks program where a child is in the top 3% for his age in his country... so I can't be doing too badly I must be doing something right, regardless of others who judge us!!! big heffers judge others the most... from what I have observed...
I want to make this work. this speech to text. I'm so excited about my son winning his race he won the breaststroke the backstroke and the freestyle and the 25-yard event.. both get very disappointed with his mom who never shows up for any of his practices or his meae ts I'm so... i'm excited that he's improving so much in his swimming. I can't wait to brag to my friends about his progress. and it's so wonderful to get him away from f****** fortnite...

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Well I decided to try a new theme for this blog…
Sometimes I’m amazed at all the posts that I’ve written over the years and comes up 2000s so I need to just ask help take those baby steps john garvald and figure out how we can put it all together maybe Leanne and help me with the steps and I think I’m going to go ahead to summer now that I’m without employment and get it published…

 Guilt and fear are our biggest enemies… I fear my interview tomorrow to teach emotionally disturbed children at a high school… I worry about how I will handle it instead of just thinking of the interview and being positive of how I can help these children better than anybody else… I have to show the principal interviewing me my assets, my experiences, my steadfastness and my stubborn desire to help these kids
 Yes guilt hinders me so much… I was so worried about my older brother coming to visit me on Friday… And showing him my messy home and just reading his mind knowing what he’s thinking how can my son live in such a messy home?…
 And then I get angry at people who judge me when I can do so many things better than any one else but they won’t except my little idiosyncrasies such as being dissed organized I like that dissed organized,,,!!
Dissed organized could be added now Mr.  to the lexicon of garvald… But this weekend taught me so much… I was so worried about my brother having to see me and how would I show him my messy home ?.
but after we pick him up at the airport ,
I decided for us to take a right turn and head downtown for Bricktown
this was a great impulsive move  getting to start off the day with positive vibes… Ron was really impressed with Bricktown and I was actually proud of it thinking how it was just 30 years ago with empty warehouses and how this is kind of spread to recycling of decaying inner cities and serves as a model for other cities in this revitalization just from one petty sales tax
this has helped the city in so many ways..
 So we had a wonderful day until my aversions for lecture
At  home overwhelmingly ... I can’t handle the question about My major challenges in life…
after he stayed the night I was to the point of telling him that I don’t want to be pushed just like it was finally hard to tell the neighbor to somehow get the point about leaving me alone about my wild front lawn…
Maybe it was good that he only stayed one night because I have a feeling he was bossy enough
an older brother would only continue it  and be increased tenfold if he hung around another day… And I was very reluctant to let them come to help me clean up the home even though that’s the best thing because it’s overwhelming just like Boot Camp per se…
Steve you know what I mean it’s backseat driving but about your life!!
But it was wonderful seeing the product of our visit in my sons backstroke
Colin murray kicked freaking ass,,, !!
Beating out those twins that beat him in the previous race…
I think the competition of those other boys being so close to him in time has also increased his  remarkable improvement with only three weeks of swim practice

( I hope Mr. Chromac might look at these essays?? and give me give me his “unprofessional “
review or critique of which parts of my writing are the best and suggestions and perhaps from 1000 of my pose which one could be the diamond nugget and which ones perhaps could be the copper nuggets so to speak which ones are the most humorous… Which are the most sad… I hope compilation maybe put 100 to 200 pages together and then even make cheaper paperback copies that everyone goodbye )
To figure all this out I’ve got so many ideas so little time so much that I have to convey to you…

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

 Hey Mr. !!
realizing my audience could be you...
Should I write in your blog perhaps??
Recently as I’ve been just kind of vegetating and enjoying my blessings to be able to hang out with my son while of course I let him play all the Minecraft and fortnight he wants to play as long as he’s swimming at least for five times a week with our swim summer.
have you tried this text to speech?.

 I just like to conserve energy… Conserve money… But enjoy the moment with the least carbon output that I can use…
 Limit my use of AC until the temperature gets above 80°…
 Then I turn on the one window unit… Feed my dog and feed my cat…
 So you understand my voice and I need to read your voice… Perhaps if we ever get our act together ??...
 My brother is coming over on Friday and I’m very embarrassed to see my older brother because I’ve developed a severe battered xhusband syndrome and my reaction to nagging…
Lends to hours of blogging y I prefer a green lush lawn with Occasional wildflowers...
I was actually feeling guilty wondering how long the one gets before I’ll get a note on my door just like the note I got on my mailbox…

So I’m here talking to you whenever you have a chance to see my blog… Both together we could have that kind of weekend with Leigh and and any muses that might be available Since we are very sensitive to others’ backseat driving…
nudge nudge Mr.
 I think back of the times when we were driving to and from Tohatchi wraps with one designated driver I remember how anxious my pal Mr. would be when somebody suggested that he might be driving too fast into grab slow it down… And intent of puff pass so in the meantime I’ve had a lot of adventures throughout the world and I’m afraid to say it for fear of judgment but I remember this wonderful hippie lady that invited me and my son to her school bus and a wonderful three months in paradise … Another paragraph so I’m watching this and obsessed with Trump oh no in my writing is being interrupted by his Texas number so it’s probably just a sales goal…

So I like the fact that this text to speech can put it all down and then I can edit it all…
 Before perhaps we all have this wild weekend of what shall I say creative asspiring  souls and perhaps Leah This is 200 years ago before people were worried about global warming and Darwin was maybe just born…
Hey new word to add to our lexicon “ Ass piring “
as you mentioned

So I have a job interviewMonday early!😎 ,Steve , { Trying again to reach  emotionally disturbed adolescents minds for learning (??)
And I think if I were to just look into a crystal ball I would just be so happy to see that working at McDonald’s even if they were out of jail that’s a plus!ðŸ‘ĻðŸ―‍ðŸģ…
Or I could be a standby and treated like an assistant like this other math co teacher With her long experience of backstabbing others that would get into her pathway…
 So I’m watching YouTube right now… I’m thinking of things to say… Prograstinating ...
You want to be creative with your stories Steven with ghosts and goblins and all sorts of spirits of the past…
 I think of Julius Caesar… Alexander the great Genghis Khan…
Or people that good or evil changed the course of the human race significantly… All of us being born start from minor ripples to huge ripple in the eventual Evolution or devolution of the human race...
 Dad” I’m hungry”
My 10-year-old boy screams out at me as he takes a little momentary break from his very addictive Fortnite… So I got milk 2%, a little bit  with his frosted flakes ,
my son Collin

daddy let’s have some diabetes cereal…
Dad you were being very annoying…!

As I tolerate disrespect from my son just as I  tolerate disrespect from these special needs children…

Crowmac says I have a voice. I need to find out when I’m using that voice. And emulate it more.
If you’re reading that this stream maybe you can tell me which ones are the best prose??
 And I want to publish this and I want to put it into a book and I’d be willing to even give you a commission for some of it...
Finding that voice is what I’m finding that audience or I know who specifically I’m talking to you whether it’s the wedge or the lady on the school bus on that beautiful island paradise created by Volcanoes 🌋 recently on the evolving earths timeline
… Or just connecting with another woman , it’s  a wonderful momentary mind melding orgasm…
I’m going to Nimbin
It is been a very long time garvald,
and trying to find another magical hippie girl… Will it ever happen one last love of my life?? 
 I really do have the urges especially during a full moon…
I really love these evenings when the storms are coming in and suddenly I’m romantic with a few times in my life that I’ve been passionately in love… And there is a true connection when we both feel each other‘s hearts but unfortunately it just seems momentary at least in my life… 

Sunday, June 16, 2019

 So as Scrooge would say,,,
 Ebeneezer Scrooge
let’s say he was living right now in the Oklahoma zone.??
 What would Scrooge do just before Christmas and he’s only got 1000 days to get it done??
Or perhaps it’s the bloke from my fair lady back here in the Okie’zone and he says,

“ good drinks and girls all over London and I just got a few more hours to track them down. “”
Happy Father’s Day John Garvald,

I worry about  the Duration of need contract is over and
I suppose I’ve only got three more minutes before the next commercial is over of Meet the Press.??

Many things to do so many things to write about so little time to put it all out there.
 My actions on the cave wall.?.

this can be turned into a song I take a photo or take a photo of Buffy to take a photo of my son:
 I take a photo of me ???

with the biggest fear is taking the photo of
our inevitability...
Again I’m on the verge of two roads take down, a poem from Robert frost. I feel very poetic today

and to be
heard on this beautiful day
 in fear of what’s not neighborly
or just the inevitability
 of our eminent domain
 and the alarm clock goes off
You ask yourself
 how many units of time we have left to put our actions on the cave wall?
I know I have lots of paranoid thoughts and then I want to put them into reality. Just like Donald Trump I’m sure he gets paranoid about his fake news but he masterfully like a true criminal gets away with crap but no other president has gotten away with history.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

I have unfortunately already shifted myself into doing the lazy days of summer.
I’m trying to absorb all this beautiful cool weather after the okie  monsoons have left ...
and the cement parking lot ponds  are drying  up ...
10os of Little tadpoles
 perhaps  a few might eventually metamorphise  into frogs after being eaten by crows or dried up by the hot Oklahoma sun 🌞

I feel very guilty , currently right now of not having a job and mower quit
being that the “duration of contract” expires.
Little job security...
Unions have little power ...

Human beings are treated poorly as teachers these days. Children abuse the teacher and even physically assault them..
I don’t want to even think of how our schools are devolving so horribly or principals are afraid ofparents....And there are no consequences for bad continued mis behavior.
Teachers struggle to teach with kids all over the classroom.
 You make eye contact and they say,

How do you respond to “what.”
 I say
“ do you want a picture.?”

Women dominate in the education field now and it is very precarious being a  old white male teacher ...
There is a natural age prejudice  in education...

I will figure out a way to get the lawnmower working so that I can appease my neighbors with my alternative lifestyle front yard.

.. after 63 years of existence on this earth,
., I’m realizing that people resent u when you start enjoying yourself.
Or perhaps that you just want to be yourself.
 Being that it was  duration of need contract they don’t have to give a reason...
 and there is a lot of backstabbing by Heifers who don’t do anything but sit behind their computer s...
It is been taken over by predominately backstabbing females.
 I don’t dare want to mention the school.
Some dislike me  andwant to expose my blog.
Maybe it will happen!,,, and publish my book...
So even in the best of circumstances there is no free press!

I really felt I helped a lot of students especially the children that we were a little bit slower
but their grades improve dramatically ..
Their national test scores increased dramatically.

I’m not so caring about my writing right now ..
I’m just taking a picture of my thoughts and I don’t want to forget that this blog is real in my diary for myself to look at and
if it becomes a bestseller so be it.ðŸĪ 

Saturday, June 08, 2019

OK I’m a try to keep the rest of this essay positive after my past slightly higher rate annoying so at this point I will try to let it go. I say line... pbs says line... I play With the thought that there is a connection to God and when I have a thought and it’s immediately out there and I hear it on the radio or TV or somewhere else. Then possibly God could be talking to me. Is that mean of me but we all have our ways of connecting with God..???
perhaps we Could put ourselves into other peoples eyes and try to think the way they think ...and always war because we r different!

. But when we have that utopian ideal of trying to understand where that other person is coming from?
 And we can accept  somebody who is different.
 I have she has another way of living and we need to learn from others... 
OK I’m getting over my hernia surgery... as soon as my stomach feels better I will try to acquire a lawnmower ,
to mow my lawn I’m sorry that you have to look at my lawn each day.
I hope you like the flowers on my magnolia tree.

To my mainly Russian audience[??}, this is  exactly the reason why I haven’t been writing on my blog!!!

 I wonder   the reason that you just decide to read it daily??
if you don’t like what I say why you read it???
This blog is for me and nosy folks who want to know about me they can talk more crap??
Do you just check my blog each day or even though I haven’t written written in several months?
Rumor has it, neighbors sleep in the trailer so hear the gossip of the ,hood...

Well if you notice that somebody wants to lend me a. Working lawnmower and my stomach feels up to it I will mow the lawn just to please you...
I feel guilty each day feeling your penetrating eyes look at my lawn in disgust ...

 Did you leave a note on my mailbox ...?.
do you ever leave notes on other peoples mailboxes?
About their lawn or ugly truck
Is and trailer s...??
To mow their lawns?

A couple months ago you on your own decided to have somebody mow the lawn.... it made my day after already having issues at work. To come to beautiful green lawn with flowers scalped!

How do you think my neighbors would react if somebody just decided to mow their lawn without their knowledge?
Do you think that they would be upset?
I still haven’t received an apology for you just taking liberties with my lawn on your own.actually looking the prettiest.
Beauty is in the eyes of the
I guess you could see me sitting on the lawn and actually seeing the beauty of the beautiful variety of spring flowers brightening up the lawn.
 Do you send emails to the highway department because of the wild flowers that are growing along the side of the wall norm when demand that they cut it.?
 Do you decide to cut somebody else’s hair because you don’t like their you don’t like the way they look.?

 In case you wanted to know if we’ve been having monsoon rains for the past month so I hope that you are a little bit more forgiving about an extra long lawn..

You get upset with my blog
but that’s my only outlet and I am sorry I ever let My friend know about my blog because no you read it religiously.
If you don’t like my blog you don’t have to read it. It’s my outlet.
Have a nice summer..

Friday, June 07, 2019

 I’m trying to enjoy this summer vacation and not feel guilty about my laziness. Even though I have so much work to do. But I just want to say fuck off. I’ve been traumatized so much wanted to do such a wonderful job at work and that was just all sabotaged. Or do I let myself get into these periods and when I just sabotage myself or sabotage my career.?
At least At least I take solace in knowing that Colin is improving in his swimming and we’re putting time into his swimming and then I can go ahead and try not to feel guilty about just being lazy watching YouTube and writing here on my blog.
 my son just called me mad. He is obsessed with his fortnight her. Talking to his  fortnite pal, Jedediah .
We are connecting in a slightly dysfunctional way but at least I get to see him and I get to see them grow and realize that he is so smart. So this is finally I guess I had the surgery Tuesday. Now it’s ... Wednesday Thursday Friday.
 Time is flying by so rapidly.
I could feel sad about my life and it’s continued failures but take solace I am learning!

But I just want to enjoy and savor these little times of comfortable weather where I can still open the windows and be thankful we’re not in the middle of a flood zone in the Okie zone.
Colin resents going swimming. But he knows it I’ll  take his fortnight away or his mind stop game. I ask him what game are you playing now Colin? Quotation marks what game are you playing Collin right now?
Do you know what he just said??
. I do not want up my son to grow up to be a racist. But these days with Donald Trump dominating the airwaves in the Twitter civilization we have no  qualms, no filters!!!.
Colin has swim race tomorrow! I bribed him 5$
And10 $ if he wins a race!

Thursday, June 06, 2019

Sometimes I have a new urge ... wonder if there’s a perfect woman in wonderful shape around my age and I think a Marianne Williamson.
The wonderful feeling when you’re finally connecting with another woman and you have that intimate moment what it would be like to cuddle her.
 “This is terrible this is the end of my presidency”
 Oh dear my ex is coming over and I will try my best to not be annoyed but I think I deserve some sort of medal hopefully at least a gold bronze silver one of those medals... what I tolerate in order to keep our very dysfunctional family together.....
 Global warming has created this mass flooding that I have never seen before with in the last four decades since Jimmy Carter was president.

Wow I can’t believe this text to speech. I’m kind of enjoying all of global warming in these cyclonic hurricanes because it actually reminds me of beautiful mermaid beach. When we were all hunkering down for a storm and I would look around for my swim trunks and hurry up and want to just take a swim out the ocean regardless and I figure if it’s my time it’s my time and I’m free and it’s beautiful and I’m back in paradise.

So there are lakes all over OKC and just think of all the environmental impact at all this crap that the water is mixing with and draining off into these rivers.
Does the human race not see what it’s doing to itself. ....??

So I took my son swimming 9 o’clock and then the thunderstorms just suddenly were coming  The rain was coming down down sometimes as fast as like God or some giant way high  up 35,000 feet dumped a whole bucket of water on you.
Or my son says like perhaps God taking a very strong piss piss.

So I know that this stuff  I write is way out there ....and I still have to keep this  anonymous....
so much pain for fear that one of these heifers that just loves to get me in trouble with Call up and say this man is a teacher and he’s writing such trash. Which creates a form of self censorship ..
.Or worry about neighbors that get upset when I get tired of them complaining about my lawn or about the big huge trailer and who sleeps in the trailer at night and listens to my most intimate conversations...

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

OK it’s safe to come out of the closet now in regards to enjoying this wonderful plant and the euphoric feeling that her brain.

Wow I say paragraph

And it goes to another paragraph with I was that
I say
New line then it goes to a Nother line

I wonder about who my audience will be it will be a neighbor, if it’ll be angry Murphy or  the witch Michelle or many of the ladies that have had influence on my life

I do this while I really enjoyed the  elixir of my ex father-in-law who my ex wife brought back from Arkansas

I do a few bowls and then I really have the wonderful urge to write more than looking pretty news anchor woman while I am blessed with watching Collin  shoot people on fortnight

I always worry about the angry half for turning me in for looking the wrong way or peeing in the wrong direction and this is where I agree with you Republicans as far as asked me to generation women can get away with everything and they’re taking over eventually they will take over

So this is the fourth day with summer.
So I’m enjoying the summer before it gets too hot while there is this freaking Global warming.

I’d really didn’t think it was possible where my voice to text could be all written down

Donald Trump is over in England. He is the master of distraction running away from all it’s happening about his impeachment and doing everything he can to constantly to stop distracting country from the greatest common game of this country.

I’m still suffering from those heffer assistants who took over my room.
It went from a really good year where I was getting compliments from all the teachers to  a Sour year full of backstabbing
these assistants were sent to spy on me and report back to this other lady all in all this effort from the teacher not to gain power on.
Much of education has been taken over by women angry women.

I wonder who is my audience. I have used to have this magical muse... And then I realized what was I falling in love with.
Still have the greatest desire to put all this together in the book but I need help. If I could do things more independently I would’ve been much more successful this year. As again it’s another learning experience. Again this summer I’m in limbo as far as what I’m gonna do next year. Or what will I do when I finally escaped the Okie zone...
I must really admit that my ex father-in-law in law knows how to grow the green.

My x owes me big Time...
 I should be happy that at least we have some sort of truth between X farther along in the sun. And I wish my son would get his feet off the furniture. I love my son so much. And I think at least I could be as devoted to him as I possibly can. The fact that I’m so lazy he kind of follows my laziness. Or we figure OK we should probably conserve are going to call and

“I’m gonna turn it off if you don’t get your feet off the floor !”

This is part of me that feels so guilty. Sometimes I think my mind could go that extra bit or just get the mental energy to put the damn air conditioning unit in the window rather than fix the whole central air conditioning system. What

There’s so many things that I could talk to you about in this somewhat anonymous blog. That there are more Russian Raiders then there are American writers believe it or not. I wonder how Steve and how Leigh Anne  is doing with her writing  ...

So Garvald you have to realize that you were writing this blog for yourself. To read perhaps when you’re close to 100 and laugh at moments of your life. And wishing that you could talk to your younger self. And say just enjoy every moment.😇😎

OK so it’s June 5 is possible time to take a picture with my words. Period. Worried worried about so many things. Just had hernia surgery my stomach.
 So while I’m watching the news and I’m enjoying this medicinal healing well I just take it easy. And I’m just so happy that I’m just get to hang out with my son. Regardless of what the hell is going on in this country and in the world. Climate changing and. Worries about my limited time on this earth. What can I do what can I do?
Wowwww....I said return just immediately when this other lady on PBS news says return. Sometimes I almost feel like God is talking to me or ...

Pppp pass...
And I’m watching this show about the veterans. I think about my father would be 103.
 He was a captain of intelligence in the Australian army...
I think about my friend Charles who was in Vietnam and how he risked his life to prevent communism ..
I was really worried about what I was going to do when it was time for me to get drafted. WoulI have to go in college sure perhaps could I roll in roll in the Coast Guard so I wouldn’t have to fight and get shot.

And so I’m enjoying this really nice medicinal plants to help me deal with the trauma
 sure I’m enjoying this really nice medicinal plants to help me deal with the trauma of malicious children
What causes these angry children to become adults and then there’s warfare.

The human race has Wars continually all overtime. When did tribes of Homo sapiens just decide that they had to go out and kill other tribes other people of their own race or not of the Road race.??

There is a nice period of time when America was not  involved with wars. ..But think of how we could take care of healthcare how we could take care of people how we could do so many things.

Well this text to speech is wonderful I’ve been right thousands of pages for my Game of Thrones book. I need to get it together. I need to find the right person the riand then help put it together
.Are you sure you’re just worried about what administrators would say. I can never get used to see what some judge mental lady had preconceived notion’s about one of the few male special ed teachers in the department.

I’ve never seen so much backstabbing since Game of Thrones at this middle school...

For a small walk today with Buffy and saw the answer of the lady that has cancer in remission and we were talking about our dogs. He was worried about me growing

for a little bit on the early notice how I stomach will extruding from the hernia surgery.

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

 Wow it’s June 4 and I just had laparoscopic hernia surgery at Mercy Hospital.
I haven’t written it on here for awhile
  for  several reasons one of which is I have very nosy neighbors.
Sorry to say this but believe it or not that’s the reason the biggest reason that I haven’t written much. I have some afraid of judgment. Like I’m afraid of not mowing the lawn
 And now I regret that my lawnmower is broken down so I will get that note on my mailbox
well I guess you’ll be nice if you do read it like you generously , Helped me out
.sorry you take it very personally when I read write on here then go tell your favorite bully on the street B.A. Showalter what I’m doing
 Or you might mention to each other what I just wrote and make sure that I know that I’m writing on my blog or complain about Buffy.s dog house...

It’s really nice now that I can do text to speech. Then I can see how to formulate the sentences. And this will be a much more realistic  picture of the moment. When I am possibly write down all my thoughts. I could tell you the problems is that I have as a teachings challenging students
For many reasons teachers are judged..

 Other things have become legal especially in medicinal weed. I could tell you about a lot of things
But as a teacher we dare not talk about it because of negative connotations
. I have so many ideas that I want to write for my book. I know that I’ve been very obsessed about mermaids. Then I think of the ocean and then I get very thirsty and then my mind goes elsewhere to grab some erotic thoughts Just is Jimmy Carter made that mistake a long long time ago when I happily married man mentioned that he does have less full force. That was mentioned in playboy back in the late 70s no early 70s.
To be continued