Friday, November 23, 2018

I do my most productive work in my bathroom library 📚

I was digressing I suppose and reminiscing about  my visit to the Rez... and the year with Steve in tohatchi I discussed about this bloke , Jesus in a Harley... the play we produced with Steve’s help... how this charismatic bloke with faux hippy appearances, took over this town with the deftness of a “Jedi warrior “(when he bragged about himself)... Steve and I had a party one , only time ,and  he came over to tell us to turn down music in his attempt to shut down his party... he hwosted his own parties with his young elite peace Corp group... likeTrump, a legend in his own mind... Mayor Gripka of Tohatchi..

Leigh Anne and Crowmac... can you look at my rough drafts and tell me which posts are best...

  1. My audience..?  InI sure look ike an old 🎅 c

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