Saturday, November 24, 2018


   Seriously... I’m  noticing time just continue to accelerate...I’m having my morning poop and then I’m falling asleep to Stephen Cole bear.
Thanksgiving   Christmas  🎄 Easter  🐣 the times that I really need to connect with my family and my friends. I feel so guilty about so many things and then worry about other people‘s judgment even worry about with my new friend will think. Am I wanting friendship so badly ...I wish that we could’ve had that marvelously creative weekend. And maybe there’s a chance that we can do it God willing or infinity willing. Thanksgiving Christmas these are the times that are hard. But at least I got to have fun trick-or-treating with my son.I still have not been able to forgive myself for really thinking that I’m a loser. Then an ex-girlfriend called me pathetic. I’ve had two thanksgivings by myself. Two Christmases by myself. It finally now Angela and the whole exclan are giving up Christmas. So will you meet need to make it this a lot of fun and have a Christmas 🎄 tree. My son just turned 10... I neeed to devote myself to him.   Maybe ole grandpa will give us nice Xmas present.. 🌿

My brain 🧠 still reverts to childhood thinking... I cherish all the holiday s when our families were larger,closer, more intimate, s

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