Sunday, October 14, 2018

Continue this and I'm sure I will get Strife from some of those that dislike me or aspects of the way I care for my home and family... People love to talk crap!   And more so with divider in chief..
I think I really need to get another computer... Have to learn how to use computer... telling me so much to write everything down.. Happy , that the eastern neighbor s have gone on road trip with ugly white trailer blocking my view.. not much of view down 83rd street .. probably will use it against me and are great friends with ba Showalter, conman builder still thriving on taking innocent victims $$... He was in a neighborhood near a colleague of mine... Should warn others not to trust contractor who con folk s in next door... Funny how trailer trash jerk went to court with complain about my behavior (??)...judge shot him down and embarrassed the resident asshole..(bloke didn't show up in afternoon).. while showalter ended up with 5k fine for not job on my eaves and big shed I envision ed in back yard... Problem was how could I make him pay... He stayed rent free for 2 years... Not doing an iota of work while we were in oz
.. parties in my honor