Sunday, March 18, 2018

suddenly.... you are in the zone... for at least getting old... u have a weekend with your son before u worry that she'll keep him in whillockville...
when she takes him away for the 2nd half of vacation and wont come back

and then fall prey to  grandma shelob's web on main street the foothills of the Ozarks,,,

excommunicated .... but then a passage is given from the bible  to forgive, when you find out shelob made a duplicate of the key for her daughter

I don't know whom I love to hate more , shelob or the game of thrones incestual queen mother,, ive never met governor mary fallon (perhaps she could be on my miss ogeny list)..... seeing the fakeness come through in her plastic face

I am just letting myself be lazy this weekend after having hard few weeks at school, relishing the snow days with my limbo as to our future and the endless challenges to live in oz...

I am again challenged to type on this puter without touching the annoying mouse bar that will erase or put letters and words in the wrong paragraph.. and it takes me 10 times longer,,
I forget and hit the mouse bar.. 
 I wonder out there how to write more efficiently on a lap top without resting my palms on the mouse?

an ole flame has asked to chat with me on facebook  telling me I was the last man to be intimate with...  hmmmm
 ... knowing I have been burned by so many women and (conmen) in my life....

 father son time, slummin and hangin out
and this me 2 generations that worry if u become famous , how many will complain that u groped or kissed them??,,,, I love reminiscing but I have my fears
of rekindling...
when do you know there was a chemistry with some.... when u know some moments u could read each others thoughts,,, that "vulcan mind meld"
while being deep inside of each other

but sometimes I feel that way that someone is almost exactly where u are in biology lesson.. I have an idea and the teacher whom I collaborate with uses the idea...
perhaps like having a song in your brain and someone sings it the way you heard in your brain>>
those perhaps are deja vu moments (???)

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