Thursday, November 23, 2017


another day... wonderful being with my son... want to tell you everything but most of my readers are judgmental.... and then angry thoughts immediately came to the bastard who stayed in my home free for a year while continuing to rip me off... it upsets my neighbors to let it go...
but it wont because I still have the freedom to write when I have been wronged...I know first of all that the bloke who colluded with BA Showalter.... remember the bloke coming to trial byand told to shut up by the judge... Eric and I should have demanded or gone down the elevator with the conman asking when he will pay...
( I just don't want getting emails about letting it go...when victims have not let go of injustice 30 years ago)
now we as victims of power and bullies will always  have the right in this country
 express mysef... but still I am still so stifled in all the things I want to say... this laptop frustrates me...because I cant set my wrists down... for fear of messing things up


  1. I love the easy manner with which you write. I envy you as my lexile is diminishing. Don't make things so personal. Try writing in 3rd person. Thank you for your invitation to write on your blog.

    1. hey stev... u.. think ur lexile, vocabulary is diminishing.... as in worries over senility::: keep exercising?? read some more... lets get this book going!