Sunday, August 06, 2017

Its frustrating on this blog I have to figure out how to work this better so when I do an update it doesn't change the original date ...l

True grit

I keep thinking it's going to get better in the mornin...   she cuts me down in front of my son it's difficult not to retaliate, when we have a good evening.. she expects me stop.. I want to go home and cook.. because we spent a lot of what I borrowed.. for my x..
 But  I keep hoping things will get better. they don't... A day is ruined when she complains about my home attracting  mice gives lecture on the hunta virus. I lose it.

 Especially after being called a loser, when I finally get full time, so I ask if she has ever kept a job..    
    So it's about a week later... My determination to keep our family by helping my x to feel better about ourselves... watching American grit with John ciena .. he has charm and grit impressed with the way he had his audience.. they love him... I see the similarities between himself and what I could have been or what maybe I still can be!