Sunday, July 02, 2017

Written a while back

wow...October 23 many in this latter half of my life were born in October...from the 18th to the angel's son is 15, born close to that date...

hmmmm...all the signs .... and then the thoughts that it wouldnt be our hasnt sunk in yet...just nice talking via email to my cousin in lawyer, Kenny..

a connection to the whole family at the Parthenon and our family history on Mermaid Beach will continue ...from cardboard shacks for houses 40 years ago to multimillion dollar mansions...

we are leaping to Oz in hopefully less than two be there for the winter solstace.


  1. when I edit my old posts , the date changes to now.. what do I do?, LA?

  2. this was from way back when... so ignore if you wish