Tuesday, July 11, 2017

"Why are Republicans so cruel to the poor? Paul Ryan’s profound hypocrisy stands for a deeper problem "

I was late on my water bill, so I have to pay the full amount instead of the payment plan that I had worked out with them.. and I cant afford a plumber, so I cant the stop the constant drip in my bathtub that fills up the tub everyday.. I plugged up the bathroom to see how much im losing per day, and use it to take a cool bath...
while I have one window unit in my bedroom, because I cant afford for the central air con man to come out and find out I probably will have to buy a new central unit.. that cost over 2 k when the voodoo witch was living with me  ( karma has hit the poor lady so much but I still want to help her even with the curse she put on me)
there is no sub pay, but most  this will get better when I get my first decent paycheck in a very long time... so I don't have to feel guilty about being a very poor father..i have to figure out a way, so I am calling all the community help lines that depend on donations.. I am so thankful of friends that have helped me out.. as a last resort I left a message with my older brother knowing I will get a lecture... I will be seeing my son for only 2 weeks and I have little funds to help make his stay enjoyable.. Ive been trying with no luck to get a hold of the IRS to get my pay statements.. I have to bite the bullet and take care of that in this stifling heat...


funny how I just did a search... and my words came up as others are wise to "y republicans are cruel to the poor?"   others resent when you are poor because they feel you have made bad choices...

yes , but in other well off (relatively) countries, we would always have access to help... there are many republican people who are helpful, but the party and the underlying philosophy is its their fault and they are automatically guilty...but somehow Republicans hijacked the right wing Christian thinking after George Jr. came into realizing that he could court the vote much better than his father (who was above separating church from state).... suddenly they decide to garner the religious vote by going after right to life and right to have huge guns that kill folks....(ie ak 47s and make it easier for underage gang members to buy the weapons of mass killing than buy some beer at the corner store!)
so Im just curious when our country  turned away from helping others... with Ronald Reagan and then right wing media taking a hold of the philosophy of religious conservatives... Rush Limbaugh and right wing Faux (fake ) News! 

so bottom line, you could say I'm well into  the poverty level! my income for the last 2 years was well under 13k... enough for me to qualify for Medicaid and food stamps... this is with regular substitute pay of only 75$ for a certified teacher... the working poor are exactly the way the "plantation economy" worked in the south... Bill Moyers described it and I'm realizing the rich 1 percent have adopted this mentality...

"It is normal to feel aghast at and disgusted by the Republican Party’s war on the poor. The more challenging and perhaps even more disturbing task is to ask why today’s conservatives feel such antipathy, disregard and hostility toward poor and other vulnerable Americans. Certainly greed and a slavish devotion to a revanchist right-wing ideology are part of the answer. But they may not be sufficient
Conservatives are more likely to exhibit social dominance and bullying behavior. This is a function of their authoritarian tendencies. The election of Donald Trump exemplifies this phenomenon.
American political elites often use language that robs poor and other marginalized people of their individuality, humanity and dignity. This language also creates a type of social distance between “middle class” or “normal” Americans and those with economic disadvantages."

"Conservatism is a type of motivated social cognition that by its very nature is hostile to members of groups on the lower rungs of the social hierarchy.
And conservatives are more likely than liberals or progressives to believe in what’s known as the “just world fallacy,” whereby people who suffer a misfortune are viewed as somehow deserving their fate. Conservatives are also more likely than liberals or progressives to not use systems-level thinking as a way to understand that individuals don’t exist separate and apart from society. Conservatives are also more likely to defend social inequality as “fair and legitimate.”
Social psychologists have shown that, in effect, poor people become invisible to the rich and upper classes.
The psychological dynamic known as “diffusion of responsibility,” whereby people tend to ignore those in crisis — especially if they’re perceived as being of a different social group, race, ethnicity or class — also encourages a lack of empathy and concern. It undercuts policies meant to offer direct assistance to vulnerable and marginalized individuals and communities. A perverse corollary to the “diffusion of responsibility” can also be used to legitimize punitive policies that target specific individuals and groups."

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