Sunday, July 09, 2017

Well I'm just realizing this that I can say things turned into text . Just edit this later. Put in the periods later. Watching the movie with Goldie Hawn's daughter ,Kate Hudson, the movie was made back in 2005      .                 today was actually one of my better days coming out of my cave to go down to the Paseo area to the gentrification of Oklahoma city. My good friend Bought me a cool beer Tecate we both like the same kind of Mexican beer Just enjoying the party.. telling my life story for the 50th time and this is the happiest I've seen him.. is charisma was coming out a side to him that I admire..                   I want to get him involved in this ground floor that I'm producing
 I've got to figure this thing out ... and so few hours before the morning... perhaps it's only the ramblings of a sad old man in his sad lonely bachelor's pad!😒 Stay tuned... Readers please write a word of encouragement!

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