Thursday, July 13, 2017

well finally im doing something more productive than playing this very rigged backgammon game, that I stupidly got hooked on again, figuring I could win at least half the games.. its programmed so that I lose about 52% of the games.. so if I have winning streaks, then sure enough, the opponents will have incredible luck rolls doubles necessary to get out several x in a row....

oko... ive feeling more creative lately especially when I realize I have great friends and brother who still loves me ( I think)... for some reason , it seemed like he had been reading my blog, because if I told him on his machine that ive borrowed from friends...
so now I can pay off the water bill, especially forgetting to turn off the water for my new pool (used and left on curb on another not too proud to do that :( )
so now in the hot summer after going for bike ride with my Buffy so she can take her twice daily poop and the both of us old creatures need exercise !
...and pee... when she pees , I have to come to a complete halt, as if she threw an anchor, enough that I almost fall out of my bike when she stops!

so ive wanting to see how tiny our conman Don of American crooks' hands are?? they are 7 and 1/4..
Mine are 8 and a half... im less than inch taller than trump. so his hands are the size of a bloke about 5 foot 2 according to stats!, so little Marco Rubio was correct! therefore according to most with tiny hands , he would have a pp less than 3 inches... as I told you before a Russian prostitute was interviewed , she was telling the interviewer  as if trying to hold back her tears (of laughter)....

he claims it still works, so maybe because theres less material for blood to be pumped into ? (sorry for those that might be offended)

Care to compare with The Donald? Print here and measure up against Trump's 7 1/4-inch-long right hand — just slightly less than that of the average man — which was cast in bronze at the museum's Times Square location.
Find out for yourself how you measure up to Trump. Click here for a printable, life-size look at one of Trump's hands.
Lincoln's ghost. Nixon's missing tapes. Carter and the killer rabbit. And now, to the long list of presidential mysteries, add the true size of Donald Trump's hands.

and about other things I wanted to mention, my friend does is a film producer, (mostly for weddings but so many things especially documentaries... I was telling him my idea of creating this movie...
I was very pumped after  hearing from this critic and earlier today her excitement of the movie... woody harrelson gives his best performance... a few folks have said that I look like Woody...playing the ultimate human authoritarian!

Robin, we have to get this idea and the evolution of our cousins in the sea!

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