Sunday, July 09, 2017

 I really appreciate my good friend helped me out so I could pay overdue water bill and filled my gas tank... Poorest and loneliest this summer.. I guess he's not allowed to talk to me today.. those women controlling my son wouldn't let me talk to my son either.. women love to hurt men by not talking to them or controlling who talks to whom.i f it weren't for my lawyer, the evil grandma would have control of my son and keep me away the way she kept her other grandson from his now deceased father..        my brother s wife has cut me off from his family ever since Ale plne and Mom passed a way,        never inviting me to his home or theAdirondack s. I've seen his children less than the fingers of my hand and now they have graduated from ivy league college s... Solitude with this unbearable Okie heat comes even more I feel intimidated to write anything ..I hate the way the system is fixed for so the mother gets the children.... Y do women put themselves on a superior pedal... They are just as evil as men,.                     Sorry, I usually feel better in the morning.         And maybe we can have a good chat tomorrow ...

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