Monday, July 24, 2017

one thing I learn from my own history, is that is that sometimes I learn very little from herstory....

how come they don't ever say her story?   ... I thought there was a chance we could get a long, hoping that we could figure out how not to annoy each other... she complains that my place is a mess and no kids would come over because he would be too embarrassed about my home... so she takes daily potshots and cutdowns, so that I cannot help but react... things are peaceful until she gets up about 1130, I make her breakfast but she is continually making demands ... while I cannot get my son out of the house when we have had a string of 100 degree days..., so the only way to get water and some inexpensive frozen tv dinners, which you can stretch out to feed 3 , when there is enough daily requirements of sodium for our whole family with one meal!

I could go on and on... but its too depressing ... I finally had to ask her to go so I could enjoy the last week visitation of my son (without her) until xmas!  I cannot help crying in front of her and dread having to beg each day going through her and her perfect controlling mother to communicate with my son who hates me more each day... always showing his love for me by hitting me

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