Sunday, July 09, 2017

id give yesterday a 8.5 out of 10, mostly knowing I had help from good friends,
as I head towards another span perhaps of my life... just steady work to make me feel so much better about myself, feel I can provide as a father... (which lets me digress in thought to how she is deciding to keep my son another year, but expect me to do all the paperwork and cost to take her and Colin to OZ..
I was actually willing to do that thinking for some heavenly reason she wants to be nice and make our family work, warts and all...

Its very hot again this Sunday, parking myself at the large environmentally friendly huge library in northwest okc...there are so many great environmental attributes....being buried around on the lower half, water, all things take the minimum amount of energy,,,, at so cool....if we just took the extra effort to help the environment, avoid war, and we would have a lovely unattainable shangra la....
Maybe in a few hundred years, we will all work together more, the evolution of our human race?

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