Sunday, July 09, 2017

I think I won't be able to talk to my best friend across the street if I say the wrong thing... This is my fictional diary, so please don't put too much into how I might offend thee..   we are all living creatures and there's a reason  y we are living... Our desire is to get along, but sometimes.... We just want to be ourselves so we feel much safer..        and then we come out of our caves , wave to our friends... take my dog for a quick run.

 Head to library , blogging or stupidly getting hooked to a very rigged  backgammon ... As if you are gambling.. tomorrow I will make a list, get my irs refund and figure out my insurance for new job..
. Don't get down, G! Morosely morbid over the finity  our existence on earth... OK sometime we can go to church together... But please don't take what I write personally , develop ur sense of humor.

 U know life is short!

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