Friday, July 14, 2017

feel like if my life is a bell curve or just endless curves of ups and downs.... I think with me it will be an ever bigger crest, that I can body surf with my soulmate to paradise....

listening how the poor coral reefs are dying... trump and most repubs don't care about the temp of oceans increasing... thinking it wont happen in their life time.. well imagine when one you even 1 degree increase, especially if you already have a high fever.. that could put your body into a coma..
think of that happening to your world , when 50 percent of the species that you were born with will be gone before your death!!

my beloved OZ with the great barrier reefs coral dying in my state of my sons birth, Queensland..
she wants to go back there and Ive always realized and told her that I cant take Colin to Oz without her and my passport is safe in my lawyers office... we would have to get another passport and me go through the very long emotionally wearing task of getting all the paperwork and realizing all that we have to do..

my mind is working but my fingers grow tired.. my house is getting very hot except for the one room where I put my last credit on a tiny window unit... it does gets its money back in 2 months savings! and I am so much more comfortable... I need to get another unit for living room when my son comes to visit...hoping that she will change custody to equal joint custody.. I feel she still does think about me and miss me , but she misses how much fun she had in Oz!

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