Sunday, July 02, 2017

purely fictitious , but could easily happen in the future, Donald retires and goes back to wrestling bullies like himself!

Domain Base info :

Domain Ip Address:

Domain IP Server Addr
US / Washington / Bellevue

Domain Value:


How To Calculate Your Domain Name’s Value

The value of a domain name can range anywhere from a few dollars to numbers in the six or even seven figure range. In many ways it is like the real estate market of the web; those who can spot a great opportunity can purchase a domain that will eventually be invaluable to the right buyer.
The challenge is how to calculate the real value of a particular domain name. There are reports all the time about some company paying $200,000 for a domain name that’s highly relevant to their business, but how was that number reached? And what makes it worth that high initial investment when the domain’s renewal costs will be $15/year?
Ultimately, a domain name is worth whatever a buyer is willing to pay for it. Determining this price is an artform unto itself, with a myriad of contributing factors including length, language, trends and demographics. There’s no single method of arriving at the perfect asking price, and it takes a lot of trial and error to get good at it.
Here’s a look at some of the most tried and true techniques for appraising a domain name in your portfolio.
wow.... amazing,!!!
,, then I wouldn't worry so much about BA showalter owing me several thousand dollars...
when I get the job,,,, ill have money to get that lawyer to help again... along with many other legal headaches... here and abroad...
its kinda frustrating when I know the people who read this most don't like what I write...
but if you don't like it,,, sorry... this site is fictional, so stay out of my business...
nosiness is perhaps a genetic trait, like some dogs have a much better sense of smell... women have more than twice the olfactory power of their nostrils than men... is that y they are nosier?? (just kidding)
but seriously... one nosy bloke whos job it was to bully and sense weakness , so he could rat to the boss and get rid of folks...
he thought he met his favorite bully , when the conman took over my house and my street...(I know u will tell me to let it go, but id have most of my essential bills taken care if it weren't for a crook.. so ill try not to get mad, just even)
well this bloke was bobbing and weaving yesterday to look through his purple flowery bushes (lilacs?) that defltly dramed in camolaughe over his short wire fence for excellent spying....
he was bobbing up and down like an old Muhammed Ali, weaving and ducking, floating like a mosquito, waiting for a bite of some news ...
to tell his conman friend in hiding....
Im sure that u will not like what I write, but we are in a free country, and remember this is a fictitious site where the names will be changed to protect the guilty  (just kidding)
Im wondering when their favorite bully, will be impeached or get angry about Trump being on the receiving end of goldenshowers over his orange weave!

what do you expect of a bloke at least 100 lbs overweight!
afterwards he has a heart attack from too much excitement....

Trump will go down in History as the most asshole wannabee tyrant of the free world!

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