Wednesday, June 21, 2017

time flies :(

very sad , last full day with my son, so Ill make sure to take him our favorite Chinese Buffet... summer solstice ... and need to write a note to my more confident self after ive taken in all the necessary paperwork for my new job... excited but the paranoia takes over sometimes, when I worry I'll lose it before I get it...

summer solstice is today, and I feel the energy... my son won our monopoly game I could get for $2.00 at the thrift store,

it was great seeing him win and my own talents at money genetically inherent in my son...  enjoying as many moments as I can... Maybe when I get a little money for finally renting, I can be more confident that I'll make it before the first paycheck... just have to do one day at a time...

I love my son so much and I'm happy I'll be able to have another two weeks before I start working!

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