Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Im sorry

I'm sorry that I describe my feelings when im hurt and that some read too much into what others write...

I have made many mistakes in my life.. I love my son and have very little control over him since he's in another state... I'm sorry that I didn't have the courage to face the judge when we came back from New Zealand and prove to the judge that a father deserves joint custody (regardless of the courts favoring the woman most of the time)... part of me wishes that we stayed far away from those controlling women...

I'm sorry that there is censorship... I'm sorry that I censor my own feelings for fear of losing friendships, but when I get yelled at, rather than have confrontation, I would rather write about it..
and wish that they never knew about my blog

I'm sorry that I made the mistake of telling some folks a long while ago that I have this blog which was to remain an anonymous diary of my feelings.. I'm sorry that I have a nosy neighbor who loves to spy on all the neighbors from his camper, and come to court to tell the judge about my behavior so he can help a bully con man stay in my place for free, but happy the judge told him to shut up in the middle of bully rodent's rant!

I'm sorry that many people do not like me , for just being myself...I'm sorry that you don't respect me and want to yell at me and make me feel like an idiot.

I love my friend and his company. I'm sorry that you don't want me to see him.

on a good note, I filled out all the paperwork for my new teaching job... but  fear prevents me and censors me  from writing anymore

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