Friday, June 02, 2017

first week of summer with my son

Im much happier when Im with my son... even when I have to figure the best way to control his temper tantrums..

living happily as a poor man with the sub teaching money... which wont last me till (hopefully) , I get the job... they asked for my birthday.. and the secretary knows how well I work there...whom I dropped off my only rose from my newly trimmed tiny bush and flower from mom's magnolia tree present... its giving off the most beautiful flowers all over the tree.. giving a beautiful sub tropical scent... reminding me of living by the sea..

we attempted to play  a new (used) game from the thrift store for only $2 (bought connect 4 for 2 bucks too!),,,, my son gets impatient and doesn't want to hear the directions... he doesn't like his throw to see who goes first...he gets angry so I let him go first.. then doesn't the understand the way the game works when I try to explain it...then I roll a good roll, and because both of us didn't fully understand how pac man eats the ghost, and trying to get him to understand, he walks out in a tantrum... he walks to the end of the block.. my old legs don't attempt to chase him... I see him walk out of view , so I look for my flip flops so I can go after him in the bike.. he sneaks by when im getting on the bike... he is way more sneaky than his dad...

when I come back I tell him he will probably lose computer privileges and has another tantrum/..
we end up watching a shitty movie(XMAS OFFICE PARTY")with snl actors, who didn't even make me laugh...I fall asleep watching.... but happy Ive been with my son and can see him all day to make up for the months ive missed him since the x took him away again... I should be happy we had a year together... I will do my best to enjoy every moment with him!

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