Saturday, May 27, 2017

second full day with my son... this is my own personal diary, but I still don't feel don't feel totally comfortable sharing my inner most thoughts when there are judge mental folks who read it and will misunderstand me just as everyone including the checkout counter who kep asking me if the assortment of apples were mine.. I kept saying yes but appeared she was more into listening herself than waiting for my answer , beside putting the food into plastic when they have paper bags... ( I worry about the environment in a state where our environmental protection agency director came from...who's more like environmental terminator agency...)   I think of all the plastic bags and platic water bottles all littered up floating on thousands of square miles of our oceeans...

we are basically thoughtless creatures as much as any other animals... my son's grandmother had a discussion with my son about how we couldn't have evolved from gorillas(apes) because they don't have souls...
that reminds me so much of my most memorable twilight zone episode about an old hillbilly with his old bloodhound and he's by a creek where he falls asleep... he wakes up with his dog thinking he's still alive and walks along the road tiill he comes up to a friendly man with his clipboard and says ,
"we were waiting for you!"
so he proceeds to walk through the gate when the gatekeeper says  ,
"Im sorry dogs aren't allowed in here."
so the old man says,
Well. Ill just keep walking with my best friend.
He walks a mile or so and then sees another man greeting him at a gate.
The old man says ,
"I aint goin in there if you don't let my old dog in too!"
The greeter said,
"We've been waiting for you both. That other gate keeper was Lucifer!"

Friday, May 26, 2017

"All parts of the dandelion are edible, including the leaves, roots and flowers, and some parts are considered medicinal. Certain of dandelion's purported health benefits pertain especially to the kidneys and urinary tract. Consult your doctor for guidance in the safe and appropriate use of dandelion.


Dandelion leaves have a slightly bitter flavor that goes well in salads and they are increasingly available in produce and grocery stores. (and therefore is a natural food like any other) Vitamins A, B-complex, C and D are found in the leaves. Dandelion also provides the minerals iron, potassium and zinc. Dandelion has diuretic effects -- it promotes increased urine production -- and also replaces potassium that may be lost in the urine. Native Americans used dandelion extract to treat a variety of conditions, including kidney disease, skin disorders and digestive problems, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.


Dandelion roots have antiviral effects and, combined with the herb uvaursi, which has antibacterial properties, may also help decrease frequency of urinary tract infections in women. A study published in the June 2011 issue of the "Journal of Ethnopharmacology" found that Vietnamese dandelion decreased urinary tract infection by increasing urine production and flow, and also by preventing bacteria from attaching to cells that line the bladder wall. Preventing bladder infections also prevents kidney infections, which usually occur when bacteria ascend from the bladder. Researchers concluded that dandelion may be a useful, safe alternative to conventional antibiotics, many of which are becoming ineffective due to emerging strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria."

I just got an email from the wife of my very good friend, whom I do worry about and I know she worries about him. I 'm sorry if this offends you when you eventually read it, but pharmaceutical companies and doctors are most often against herbal and natural remedies to help your own body cleanse itself.  I'm happy that you sent me an email rather than confront me about it because I'm having a wonderful time with my beautiful son now.

I know dandelions are totally natural, as all plants that can help your body heal and give ways for it to cleanse itself.

Avoiding eating out and avoiding the carbs and especially the sugars will help so much!
It does not hurt to visit a naturopath who is a natural doctor.

I love seeing and talking to your husband, and I have a feeling that you will get upset with me writing this . If so. You are welcome to write me another email but please don't yell at me about it if I come over to sit with your husband.
Ps, I love your shirts and clothes that you give me, as my funds for subbing are very low and every little bit hurts. Because of you, I dress well when I go to work (I think!)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I have to figure out godaddy while I wait to understand what I have to do to continue the writing process.. I want to let go of so much, but my determination to rightfully be a father keeps me going...
Im frustrated that my exinlaws are currently the surrogate parents of my son...

I thought this pertains to my life so much whenever I see this...

"Taking Things Personally"

by Madisyn Taylor
Try not to take everything personally, things that people say and do don't always have anything to do with you.
        Every time you interact with others, you have the choice to listen to, acknowledge, and let go of their words, or you can take what they are saying personally. Taking things personally is often the result of perceiving a person's actions or words as an affront or slight. In order to take something personally, you must read negative intent in an individual's words or actions. But what people do and say has no bearing upon you and is usually based on their own experiences, emotions, and perceptions. If you attempt to take what they do or say personally, you may end up feeling hurt without reason. "
its difficult to not take things personally when others interfere in my life, when its no business of theirs... I want to jump up and down about the potential for getting a teaching job, but just know there are others that take pleasure in other's displeasure...
these folks are bullies that go out of their way to cause you harm...
I've experience the way the xinlaws were determined to bring up my son, and currently have won this battle...
I  was trying to convince my wife that I will not accept them bringing up my son next year.. she says to move to Arkansas, but the controlling matriarch of the family will still have control of my son, his religion, and where he goes to school.. (where she taught) 
I don't want to get excited about my new job until I've signed the bottom line...
the paranoia , is very often a heightened sense of reality, when certain neighbors will go out of their way to make my life miserable, or a special ed director who didn't like me and would undermine my authority in my long term subbing job... I found out recently that she was talking poorly of anyone in ear shot when another assistant said that, I "wasn't a good fit with students"... that's all a person with a little authority can prevent someone from getting a job at a school..
fortunately ive had good references from all the teachers I've subbed for...