Saturday, April 29, 2017

april 29th

spring is in the air... hoping to get a job, don't want to say it too loudly , for all the nasties out there who take pleasure in others' struggles...

hoping I can have custody back of my son from crazy alcoholic wife...
neighbors witnessed her getting drunk in her new car when she was careening to a certain DUI arrest... there was no stopping her...

finally she stops at convenience for a burrito...and her alcohol level was 1.3! ...

meanwhile get a stare that said everything from the nosy neighbor whose trailer always takes up his driveway... if I could read minds, and knowing his bullying instinct that was part of his job description, ..
\"hmmm he's back... what do I know about him so I can get him in trouble or cause him issues",
 (like when he showed up in court for BS Shitwaller, and the judge told him to sit down and shut up.)..

im sure if I have renters or squatters (like BA and others who burnt down the house before they finally left without paying rent for years, he will side with them, and talk shit as bullies love other bullies...
Im sure the nosy dick voted for Trump...

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

little Robin sanders lived by the street
and frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called ASC
little Johnny Turbayne loved that wascal wobin
and played with him till dinner time in that magic land

together they would travel down rapids in a bitty boat
while robin would watch out for stones and things
avoiding their certain death

all the neighborhood girls would want to play
with robins golden hair
bullies and art crapsey
would bow whener they came
corporations would lower their flags when robin yelled out his name

little Johnny turbine lived by the sea
and frolicked in the autumn mist
in a land called Mermaid Beach
little robin sanders lived by the street
and then frolicked in the corporate mist
in a land call NYCeee

puff the magic dragon lived by sea
and frolicked in the autumn mist
in a land called mermaid beach

a dragon lives forever
not so little boys
diamonds and commodities make way for other toys


one grey night it happened
robbie sanders came out no more
and little Johnny turbayne
ceased his fearless roar
his head was bent in sorrow
his hair fell out in rain
he no longer wanted play
along Highland lane

without his life long friend
Johnny could not be brave
and mighty Johnny turbayne
slipped into his cave

one day 38 years later
out came a  bigger Robin
with the the strength of the terminator
he said,
hey  Turbayne y don't u  get a life
and while your out come and meet my wife!

old Johnny turbayne was so happy now

they soon frolicked in the ocean mist
in a land called Mermaid Beach!

owoow.... only took an hour of prograsstinating... only intimidated with what I write for fear the only folks to read this are my neighbors and spies who tell conman and crook extraordinaire that attempted to steal my home after it burned down mysteriously, claiming a dead squirrel did it ,
 while I paid half of what the house was worth ,,, and then he was staying for free while I paid him to build a barn and eaves for my home... he  cons me into letting him stay for free and have to go to court to kick him out... and a judgement...

part of me is very sorry that I told them about this blog, for judgement and nosiness , that has always been the bane of Turbayne...
and then get emails that I should let this conman go with crime as Im sure our country will let the biggest crook stay out of jail... and who was done innumerable crimes plus rape... dishonesty and corruption are the way these conmen have succeeded...

Donald Trump- crook, liar , thief, conman , rapist, molester, female harasser (way worse that Oreilly but with way more $ to pay off the women and 13 year old victims of his unwanted private parts!)

B. S. Shitwaller. - conman, lousy builder, thief, drone that lived for free for a year and half without paying rent, bragging about granite tiles when they are faux granite , like faux BA, poor hand craftsman bragging about marble bathroom that he contracted others to do the work for him , often while he sat on his ass under an umbrella with ice tea in his hand, barking out orders to the neighbors children do the shoveling of dirt on my front yard that I never asked for...
drives by occasionally in his tinted huge redneckmobile, so he can peer at the home that he thought was going to be his...

he was served papers but I have to still get the lawyer because that 5k would sure pay off my taxes I owe, and the neighbors all see due like vultures waiting for the animal to die, to immediately go to the auction and get something for nothing...

I'm told to let it go... would it be ok for the victims of the nazis let it go, and let all those murderers of the concentration camps hide out into old age in jungles of South America...

Ok... enough of that... I worry about my place when Im out of town... I thought I gave my best friend a key , but then I fear emails or lectures , especially about my writing , where I'm often intimidated about letting out all my feelings when I'm no longer anonymous...

enough of the negatives... I'm going to have a fantastic day taking in the first wedding in a long while... the last time I saw his wedding was 38 years ago...

I had a 24 hour journey with the stops, a brand new tire, a car cell phone charger, and sleeping in my car at the casino at the bottom of the valley between 2 large hills just outside of Albuquerque,

I was inspired to embellish more while on the long journey, I fear about saying more, (intimidated by some of my judgmental readers), but I become creative when I think for a long time, and the actual trip becomes a reawakening, a rebirth, a renaissance , while I clear my head out, and good things happen, I had an offer for an interview for Sped teacher! for when I come back.....,,, so patience,,,,

while in my inspirational moments I stopped and chatted with a pretty lady, happily  married, sweeping the sidewalk in Arizona... I told her of my blog and the old man's hard luck while in his quest for his magic mermaid... she had the cutest dimples and knew her man was very fortunate...
Brigitte... (alla Bardot),,,, while she petted my Buffy...  .... and the old man has visions of a Benjamin Button fantasy of getting younger when her ages meets his physical age....  aah... my mind is willing but my knees crack...
there are some very pretty ladies at this wedding , where the charm of Sean Connery might inhabit my persona..... ppp pass

u have an excuse to kill time with writing (??) and your biggest fear at the moment is your neighbor reading this will send you an angry email... buts that what will happen when u become famous, G!

ok, K, if you are reading this, as far as constructive criticism with a positive refrain, will hopefully encourage me to read your reactions... I thank you and C for taking care of my beautiful Murch, where the angry forces that are out there, seek to hurt me where it counts... if they burn down the home again, Ill know not to get a BS Showoff guaranteed by one of your other good friends, who let you down, but then has always come through in other ways.. he knew along with neighbors knew where the crook has been hiding..
Im bummed because I visualized putting the key in my best friends hand, it was colored, and I could hear you getting angry in the background , and so I worry that you will be angry when I ask for help, but I get sidetracked and my intimidation from asking a favor might have subconsciously forgotten to give him the key :).   sad how I waste so much time about keys... I don't understand  y there isn't a remote for keys like everything else??   it should be a common thing like universal tv remotes...

and I thank him for helping me so much in times of need and my Buffy, bless her heart, who sits defiantly on your porch , after putting a huge hole in the gate, smiling that she has her freedom again...
and she barks "FREEDOM"
in a Scottish canine accented bark perhaps? ;)

but its a free press, so as long as crooks and bullies rise to the top, I believe its our right in our endangered democracy to voice unfairness and theft...
sorry, K.

ok..its almost noon, and Im excited about writing and singing the song to the tune of that 60s folks song that I used to sing while racing and flying as 9 year old to old Broadbeach state school...
before it was economical to be an old beach bum on Mermaid Beach!

Little Robin Sanders lived by the street
and frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Rochester
and waited for the day wed meet
little Johnny Turbayne frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Mermaid Beach