Friday, December 30, 2016

so much has happened,

I know that my neighbors will be the first to read this, probably that silly fear has intimidated me from fear of writing, especially when some folks just enjoy adding to one's misery when there is a chance... knowing that one bloke is probably still in touch with the conman builder who swindled me out of half my savings for a burned garage...:

Dear mother of my child,
I am happy that you tried to live with me for a year and our tempers would often get the best of both us. This perhaps caused us to raise our voices in front of Colin.
You and Colin would qualify for low income housing in Okc and they are nice apartments close to Northridge.
I would be much more obliged and happy to send you money to get started . What little I will me making averaging less than 700 per month. It will be more when I do the infrequent long term sub jobs.
 This way, we can keep up his soccer and it will take months to finally get the stride in his learning that he was developing with Ms.  whom he loved so much. It is often hard to find that special rapport between a student and a teacher
I don't know if you ever read these emails, but you realized when you moved in with me for a year that it is good for Colin to have his father involved with him on a daily basis. I was taking Colin to soccer and Judo. I want to continue being involved with his learning.
I hope that you will change your mind. You and your mother will again become very tired of each other and perhaps fighting with her over control attention of Colin.
It has been more and more challenging to bond with my son, because he in reinforced into believing "Daddy is a loser", every time he has extended visits with grandparents and cousins.
He actually told me today when I asked him if he respected his grandmother more, he said that "she is not a loser like you are" , in his own words.
It is very hard and painful for me, when my son calls me a loser frequently. I am having a wonderful 5 days with my son and know he loves me, but does not respect me so I am determined to earn his respect.
Your family frequently taking my son for their own enjoyment and  sunshine in their mundane lives has tremendously hurt the wonderful bond that I used to have with my younger son.
I had an awful image of Colin ending up graduating from Clinton and getting into frequent trouble as your older son would. You told me that John also has anger issues.
You must know, Angela, that the continual tug of war from one home to another and to different teachers will only exacerbate our son's anger issues.
You came to me a year ago with what I felt was a little love and caring that I thought was rekindled into a little romance . Things were going very well with you getting a job for 2 months, but then after you losing your car sales job, and you were left with the huge payments.
Drinking and driving led to that car being taken away. I had to help drive you everywhere until your mother gave you her car as an intended escape vehicle when you decided to have an early Xmas back in the comfort of your home that it appears that you have never left.
Our beautiful son is next to me having fun with Minecraft while Im typing this probably futile letter as I continually hope.
It has been an 8 year struggle bringing up our son with your many moods , so that you would frequently take my son away to the safe haven of your home .
I want to have a wonderful life with my son and realize that you will have to always be involved. I feel if you are cooperate and Lord willing, sever that strong rope that ties you and my son into your parents home, we will have a successful as parents.
At this point , the way things are going Colin will end up following his brothers footsteps and have most of his life in a red Trump loving state, and will forget about his ties to being Australian.
It was a dream of mine to be Australian. It appears  the strong web spun by the matriarch of this little town and family, will never let go of you and my son until he is grown.
It will be too late then.
sincerely, your x
(When he came he was dressed in his older brothers, school jumper... almost to slap me more in my face when I see him)
It was a dream of mine to be Australian. It appears  the strong web spun by the matriarch of this little town and family, will never let go of you and my son until he is grown.
It will be too late then.
I have told you about the curse but did not write about that in my letter to you

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