Friday, September 09, 2016

. September 8th happy that my family is together just trying to live one day at a time one moment at a time life is short I love my son so much
I'm at a Crossroads in my life
to decide to become a teacher
I write my book
 it's a matter of putting several pages together and then figuring out which stories all the best and I need to get Help from My Friends
even perhaps my neighbors but the judgmentalism of the human nature intimidates me more than anything
I had another beautiful day with my son we went to some family therapy with a good counselor who has played a couple of family games
the Dynamics would help us appreciate my ex coming back today for the sake of our beautiful son!
I have to pinch myself and I'm blessed to be his father and I shouldn't be last I'm doing everything that I can with him
I have to overcome that often disability of laziness....tomorrow... domani!n

the story of my life,,, sad i cant even borrow some fold up chairs for the evening :( sorry

im not going to hide my feelings and being intimidated by a few of you that know me and happened to know my intimate blog..

dont read it , if you dont like it ... people and their nosiness annoys me...

Tomorrow, I need to really get it together!

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