Sunday, August 14, 2016

You can do voice typing
I mowed my lawn finally…  
I hope that pleases my neighbors here I sit broken hearted
washed my dog and only farted

Practicing .. now i can Not really say what I really want to say because my neighbors are reading this and I can't feel like this I can't feel free to write uninhibited

Usain Bolt is about to run the hundred meter semi final

I want to open up but there's always somebody is judging my writing or what I'm saying
I want to talk to my brother  but then I don't want to talk to my brother because he's almost like a surrogate mother slash father
it and I've been meaning to talk to him but don't want to get lectured I get enough lecture from other people that I don't need I don't want to hear what I already really know…
I is I love playing with him I love just knowing that he's here in our own home and I think how I was a year ago all alone except my savior Buffy

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