Sunday, July 24, 2016

when folks bug me about things like my lawn being an inch too high, then in the next breath tell me to let it go about a confidence man builder, wbo overcharged me 50k for the shittiest work on my place that almost burned dwon,  then took over 83rd street, talked shit about me, stayed rent free without doing any more work on my place, yet asking for 3500 , so he could make payments on his huge boat that was in my garage and his Kawasaki...  ... then I couldn't get him out of my home unless I went to court, and his sidekick, my neighbor shows up when its of course none of his busness.. the judge interrupted him on his vindictive tirade about my behavior when it had nothing to do with a builder who didn't do the work that was contracted out to him..
The judge told him to sit down and it was none of the neighbors business..

 (im sure he will call him up to tell him about this blog , because the crook is still living in this town!! stealing from other customers with his big mouth of lies...

it frustrates me... somehow they have always known about my blog... perhaps through Dave who was also another famous shit talker friends with the pain in my ass, neighbor, who has continually talked shit , because it is in his nature to be a bully,
while folks like us are supposed to let it go..

yeh let things go , they say, but then they are the first to complain about how you set your garbage can in front of your home...

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