Saturday, July 02, 2016

Hi good friends and the few that Ive selectively told about my inner personal domain... all this writing I eventually need to put together in a book!
I occasionally read my daily horoscope and its often close to my feelings...
I read the cookie that my x opened up for me" and said I would come into fortune!" , and just when my good friend , benefactor and muse told me the sites to go to...
my issue as always is getting the right birth and death certificates along with all the proper paper work (and that fact of work and putting my head together for it is worse than my fear of sharks...)
now its a quiet Saturday and there is peace at home, although my son and I don't like it when she overindulges in brew..
it sets her into another personality which so reminds me of the behavior in Oz that scared the beJesus out of me...

uly 2, 2016Basking in Self-Love
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

You may feel loved and accepted today. You may find yourself seeking comfort and acknowledgment from loved ones and experience a sense of connection and belonging.
You can also choose to strengthen your sense of self-love by pursuing activities that make you happy. (library and playing this addictive losing rigged game of backgammon which only robs me of precious time and fast forwards me to another day gone and wasted... to accelerate my negative self talk>>.)

 Engaging in a self-love meditation to infuse yourself with feelings of happiness could also prove helpful.
 Simply set aside time to be alone, release all of your worries, and call up feelings of love from your heart’s center.

Visualize yourself as safe, happy, loved, and content, and allow these feelings to spread through your entire being. Spend as much time today as you wish basking in these feelings, and keep them with you as you proceed with the rest of your day.

and take in a deep breath of the cool ac air of the library with my son sitting across from me as he watches minecraft

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