Friday, July 22, 2016

always problems... for just wanting to enjoy your habitat

unfortunately, my best friend , divulged of my most intimate blog, that I don't even want my brother to read and of course, everyone else that knows my life and behavior, and will use it against with 5 page emails about my lawn and dog house..

they don't bother the other neighbors about any other crap,,, but one complains, and I suppose I will get a note on the door about the big dog house as a parting gift from my very helpful other neighbor...

I was given a huge essay about what I should do with my lawn and garden as far as upkeep...
it was kept track of because I had not completely finished it to the neighbors satisfaction before the last rain storm well over a fortnight ago... we are doing through a drought , but because I keep my lawn high, it has stayed greener than 90 percent of the lawns on the street...

it reminds me so much of the chair that I kept in front of my place on the beach... this angry eastern European girl believed it was her lawn, just as some folks tell you if let off one firecracker on july 4th, they come screaming out in front of my family that its their street ... and im chastised as an errant elementary student..

oh well,... riots and killings are going on all over our country, yet some folks get mad if your lawn is over an inch too high

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