Tuesday, June 21, 2016

for some reason , I feel far freer (?) going in here to this " zone" for comfort in a nonjudgemental audience ( me and LA??)
I am recovering from PTDS post traumatic divorce syndrome....
but I was really divorcing the in laws...
so everything was going well in the arkiezone as long as the much tamer queen was in charge...
(even so much as enjoying a little herb from the manufactured weedarette with filter attached)..
I was most impressed with the old king's weedarette maker than anything along with being impressed with the well manicured homegrown...(and ..wasn't this one of the main thing the Ozark family was going to use against me in the divorce court that never happened)

I of course was knowing we needed to vacate the mini king/queendom as soon as possible before the peace that I made was all shattered or up in smoke with the hilarity of his high pitched laugh of an old bloke that enjoys being the center of the limelight imbibed upon by his magic herb and of course his patrician beer (he would always cut me down for so many things to ridicule how cheap I am)
   finally with the herb and encouragement from my x mate to join the ring instead of ignoring his freshman/middle school bullying behavior (brought on by being the youngest of his brood and always showing that he was better than his brothers)

he becomes a different man after the herb and brew, going from introverted fitness nut to outverted bohemian asshole and the star of the show.. but it is his domain, so its his Donald trump right to still wants to show off in front of his family and pretty women
 he acts like he will pass but passes it my ex of my stepsons gf continually playing keep the joint away from the outlaw of our family

he laughs his cackle and shoves the cigarette and snatches it away as I put my perhaps too eager hand for a little medicinal toke, that helps me de stress among annoying bullies

I express my frustration to my x and she laughs knowing her dear old dad so well...
" that's just Joe"
he runs off to his room as if he still wants to prove something, especially in front of his kin, and comes back with
a quarter bag filled  and packed up with the delicious herb  and snatches it away before I can even touch or smell it

"You'll get this when u leave" he says in his faux redneck/hillbilly way"

deep in the back of my mind, I know its a false promise worthy of Trumps promises ... (I think this man only speak with forked tongue)

after finally obtaining the last dredges of the cigarette , he wants it back almost reaching over trying to grab it... I keep it feeling I obtained it successfully in his childish keep away game with his daughter...
This makes him very angry and as predicted says...
well you aint getting this!
and take his prize away and walks off as a child would when he says  to the other boy, im not playing with anymore!

and I think what can I do to make this unbearable stay better other than avoiding this man I have to thank for being here because I would never have met my son !

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