Sunday, June 30, 2013

still waiting on seeing the right doctor who will do the laproscopic surgery,, it will be good when ive finally had it done. I made the mistake of hanging out by the surf club and clubbies started telling me what to do and then was abused by the secretary when my son ate 1 French fry that I didn't know was for the officials.. I love the surf club for what it is , but a lot of folks here appear to have something stuck up their ass and perhaps are in need of a hemoroidectomy. But health wise, other than a bilateral hernia and getting abused for my attire, I physically feel good.. a lifetime bloke said I looked like a hobo and I responded that Australia's unofficial anthem is about a "swagman" (waltzing matilda)... thanks for being a good friend, LA... good friends are hard to find!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

a lot of things are culminating now while we are just trying to relax on the beach..
Colin will probably be starting school and I will miss him while he starts his school..
we have been so used to being with him all day..
I should be happy that ive made this luxury for his parents to enjoy him full time and on the beach... I try to encourage my teammate that it's not such a bad lifestyle even  if  its drizzly and 17 degrees celcius

Monday, June 10, 2013

From October 10 , 2013'' what do u think?


id like to talk about the evolution of this imaginary species while I vicariously see life through my child's eyes!