Friday, April 26, 2013

no good deed goes unpunished...
we were on the way of getting things better and so we go to the shrink
and hope that we can find the right meds for my wife and a little australian addaboy for me and  my better half..
i make the trip to take care of the meds
and then supper that i make isnt good enough
a long with a letter from the body corporate that i didnt want to open..
i moved the couch...
how are they actually going to try to reinforce it
i didnt want to open that letter but the curiousity of it finally overcame my fear
and of course it ruined our evening
but my better half was ready to go to bed anyway...
after both of yelling at each other at the top of our lungs
i said we could start off the morning
with a delicious breakfast and we sit in our tent and relax
after a tiny bit of aussie adderall..

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

i enjoyed competing in the aussies for 2 days competing against the best surf racers in Oz!!
then i came back to see that our couch was moved out of the view of the pscycho lady who moved in downstairs, someone moved it while my wife was gone for a long walk just like how the mystery chair was moved...
she doesnt like it when i sit down in our communal yard and enjoy my coffee and oatmeal while soaking up the sun... so tomorrow will be a beautiful day and I will enjoy the sun sitting on our lawn..tenants that live downstairs come and they go... if they don't like me sitting on our lawn they can find another place to bitch about!

Sunday, April 07, 2013

same ole same ole...
Dan dan is up to his old tricks
spying or stalking us
he hedges the bushes along the beach walkway perfectly so he can peak across the openings the same way he has his bush in front of his Reefer apartments
that's the name.. i kid you not...
the book about your neighbor being a socio/psychopath
the bloke still lives in his adolescent middle school that folks continue as they grow up
some grow into Stalin or J. EDGAR HOOVER
and now the communal chair is missing
he gets punched out by other surfers when he cuts in on their waves..
it doesnt matter where you are, people become jealous of your happiness
there are many angry people who want to steal your happiness..
bombings and terrororism all over the world
all because of hate