Monday, February 18, 2013

colin just fell asleep ... ocassionally crying for Mommy and wanting me to phone her.. it's 830 so im sure she rationalizes it...
and wanting to deny that our relationship is at the edge of the precipice... or waiting for the wave to break!!
at least i won the races over the weekend.. and each morning is a new day, but my mate is out enjoying herself when she told me shed be home at 4 so i could go for a swim with my mentor/coach, Stu... im sure stu had a good workout planned ... and it had turned into a miserable rainy day that seems to even bring out the manic episodes of my lady...
will i just close the door and ask to sleep by myself because im so angry with her..

so i can just bask in the glory of winning those races in my mind!!
and I coul
d have still won the race if my handicap was almost 3 minutes more.!!

....and then it looked like he wouldnt eat it because he followed me out into the surf (and maybe thats why he has the cold today) but we had a wonderful time until he saw the bowl of custard gone, so he pees all over our living room facing the ocean...and all night i couldnt figure out where it was coming from as my son has learned how to become a good liar... i found the mess and puddles of pea in the morning so believe it or not we worked together on cleaning all the dirty rugs and the pee stained tiles...but the day went south when i took colin home from the oasis shopping center and asked if i could my trust my better half to come home at 4 , so i could go swimming with stu and get our pool training... now its 9 and wonder when my wife will call me from some strange house with new friends that my wife has made... but at least its peaceful because we would be arguing when she arrived and i wouldnt have the chance to just write and vent to my friends on facebook..probably a little too much info... but my friend, crowmac took the precedent among his facebook friends!

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