Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hercules visited the island of Lesbos tens of thousands of years before Christ
where there were this tribe of women that would attract sailors to land on their island
and he would mate with as many of the women that wanted to have children from him, if he looked of good stock before they would tire of him and kill him off as they would their animals that they tended for food when they needed meat in their diet and they were getting tired of fish

the island would send off the male children before they were 3 or 4, because they wanted women to control the island

Sunday, June 30, 2013

still waiting on seeing the right doctor who will do the laproscopic surgery,, it will be good when ive finally had it done. I made the mistake of hanging out by the surf club and clubbies started telling me what to do and then was abused by the secretary when my son ate 1 French fry that I didn't know was for the officials.. I love the surf club for what it is , but a lot of folks here appear to have something stuck up their ass and perhaps are in need of a hemoroidectomy. But health wise, other than a bilateral hernia and getting abused for my attire, I physically feel good.. a lifetime bloke said I looked like a hobo and I responded that Australia's unofficial anthem is about a "swagman" (waltzing matilda)... thanks for being a good friend, LA... good friends are hard to find!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

a lot of things are culminating now while we are just trying to relax on the beach..
Colin will probably be starting school and I will miss him while he starts his school..
we have been so used to being with him all day..
I should be happy that ive made this luxury for his parents to enjoy him full time and on the beach... I try to encourage my teammate that it's not such a bad lifestyle even  if  its drizzly and 17 degrees celcius

Monday, June 10, 2013

From October 10 , 2013'' what do u think?


id like to talk about the evolution of this imaginary species while I vicariously see life through my child's eyes!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

it is amazing about all these disasters that happen in this state..
first with my common law girlfriend passing away after Mom passes away
and then Murrah bombing
and then 911
Hurricane Sandy
and mother nature bangs against Moore won more time...
my wife wore my sooner shirt the day before it happened and then I wore it to keep warm..
she looked at the weather channel the same day it was happening with no clue
that something was in the air...
what is a 6th sense??
ive lost the internet at home and so now I have to get a few free minutes at the Oasis
overpowered by all the delicatessens and coffee shops surrounding me before the twilight on the coast which  I treasure so much!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 21, 2013Focus on the Possible
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Your hopeful nature about the success of your future plans could give you additional encouragement today. Having an upbeat outlook might be a way for you to visualize everything that you want out of life and could in turn help you to manifest your dreams. Should you at anytime find that doubt or negative thoughts creep into your positive attitude during the day today, you can make a list of the things that are truly important to you in the future and place it somewhere that will always catch your eye. As you look at this list you might create a mental picture about how you would like your life to be, using this picture to make it easier for you to remain focused on your goals. You might find that having a trigger such as this could keep your thoughts optimistic and could eliminate any misgivings that may arise. 

 Keeping our thoughts focused on what we are able to achieve creates an energetic space where we will be more likely to reach our goals. Even though doubts are a normal part of life—for we never know what the future will bring—if we let ourselves give into them our attention will be drawn away from what we really want. Concentrating on what is possible today, however, will make you more likely to act in a way that will give you confidence, encouraging you to take the steps needed to make your future dreams a reality.
from daily om!

things are going well if I just go one step at a time!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

its easy to get upset with people, events and maybe especially with your own mistakes..
ive made choices that many folks wouldn't do, but I hope that some of them have been good... coming to Oz and seeing the birth of our Aussie son here on the Coast I still feel was my best choice... if we can take just one step at a time like a great chess match we will reach the 8th rank and be anybody we want..

Saturday, May 11, 2013

I wonder about the lack of transparency at the club with so many things at the club.. and how ridiculous for them to suddenly keep a secret with the results of the club championship... ok.."its not like the sale of a sheep station" but to the average old athlete who appreciates a medal at his own club if its not within his realm to get a medal at the Aussies! One gets yelled at or ridiculed if they question anything at the club and then perhaps they are labeled as a trouble maker or not acting like a member of the club.
I love the concept of the surf club... there is always politics wherever you go, whether it's tohatchi or Mermaid Beach

Thursday, May 09, 2013

thinking more and more about figuring out a plan to put my book together.. 1.. the ocean and beach is the petri dish to this creation
2. discipline myself to a couple hours a day of writing
3. strong prayers to the sun each morning and a large cup of coffee, sunglasses and Dad's green bath robe, gaining inspiration each morning from the rip where we buried the ashes of our parents...
4. a strong swim past the waves and then body surf... get my heart rate up and feel alive...
5. another strong cup of coffee while family goes for a walk while I furiously write the story of how this species that I met in the ocean evolved...
6. take at least one picture of the day before its gone
7. take a step towards living permanently in Oz...

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

I know this is facebook and all the connotations with this way of communicating.. I think I have a select group of friends somewhere off in cyberworld and see how their daily lives are and cant help but compare to my own life and my family's life..
im excited about a lot of things and could easily be overwhelmed  with the challenges of living on the coast, but approaching like a surf race has become my spiritual(?) motto.. there are a lot of things appearing on the verge of an upward state of being...
becoming a self actualized surfer/dad/beach bum just on the verge of discovering a rare species of hominid that escaped to the sea between the migrations of Indians to the Americas and the indigenous Australocromagnons that came over the great land mass and canoes....

Thursday, May 02, 2013

May 1, 2013Inquisitive Explorations
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

You may be probing others today for the truth that lies behind their opinions. This may be because of your quest for a deeper understanding of what makes people tick. Since it is interesting and fun to question and investigate what interests you further, you might find that this a perfect opportunity to not only get at the truth in your interactions but also use this as a chance to arrive at your own greater truth. You can, for example, think about what is fascinating about other people, using this as a catalyst for reflection to try to think about what may intrigue others about you. Being open to a more profound questioning of yourself today could make you seem much more open to others, which could make them more willing to divulge their ideas and feelings more candidly.

Our desire to comprehend the inner workings of other people often stems from our own need to understand ourselves. It can be easy to scrutinize someone else, asking them to reveal what is going on inside of them. While this might be interesting for us, it is only truly an exercise in exploration if we use it as a chance to also look within ourselves. When we do this, we create a bond of trust that will foster a more authentic form of communication with others. Looking within yourself first will make it easier for you to use your curiosity as a chance for greater growth and understanding today.

from daily OM

Friday, April 26, 2013

no good deed goes unpunished...
we were on the way of getting things better and so we go to the shrink
and hope that we can find the right meds for my wife and a little australian addaboy for me and  my better half..
i make the trip to take care of the meds
and then supper that i make isnt good enough
a long with a letter from the body corporate that i didnt want to open..
i moved the couch...
how are they actually going to try to reinforce it
i didnt want to open that letter but the curiousity of it finally overcame my fear
and of course it ruined our evening
but my better half was ready to go to bed anyway...
after both of yelling at each other at the top of our lungs
i said we could start off the morning
with a delicious breakfast and we sit in our tent and relax
after a tiny bit of aussie adderall..

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

i enjoyed competing in the aussies for 2 days competing against the best surf racers in Oz!!
then i came back to see that our couch was moved out of the view of the pscycho lady who moved in downstairs, someone moved it while my wife was gone for a long walk just like how the mystery chair was moved...
she doesnt like it when i sit down in our communal yard and enjoy my coffee and oatmeal while soaking up the sun... so tomorrow will be a beautiful day and I will enjoy the sun sitting on our lawn..tenants that live downstairs come and they go... if they don't like me sitting on our lawn they can find another place to bitch about!

Sunday, April 07, 2013

same ole same ole...
Dan dan is up to his old tricks
spying or stalking us
he hedges the bushes along the beach walkway perfectly so he can peak across the openings the same way he has his bush in front of his Reefer apartments
that's the name.. i kid you not...
the book about your neighbor being a socio/psychopath
the bloke still lives in his adolescent middle school that folks continue as they grow up
some grow into Stalin or J. EDGAR HOOVER
and now the communal chair is missing
he gets punched out by other surfers when he cuts in on their waves..
it doesnt matter where you are, people become jealous of your happiness
there are many angry people who want to steal your happiness..
bombings and terrororism all over the world
all because of hate

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Photo: Brunswick masters competition coming out of the surf swim race!
couldnt resist showing it again.. finished 5th today, but almost almost beat a much younger athletic bloke...

Saturday, March 30, 2013

so i have to help decide about our temporary and then long term future... the biggest problem is selling my better half on the idea... suddenly the gold coast life is too much for her and hectic pace of Hedges avenue, when she is woken up by drunk hooligans intoxicating themselves on very expensive poison... a fight breaks out at 2 am with an almost full moon beaming down on the adolescent brats of billionaires beach... my better sa half says, "i hate this place and want the country!"...
this was after the most beautiful day this year after horrible weather and im sold many times over... and see how my son is so happy frolicking on his boogey board on the surf... and our visas are almost up.. will we make the Aussies...
Lord help us, mates!

Friday, March 15, 2013

days are accelerating and there is so much to do for fatherhood...
ive found that this blog is in some ways more anonymous than facebook, but in both venues
i have lost a little privacy and have given out too much info...

Thursday, March 07, 2013

wow... things are going so much better...
we finally visited a shrink and he helped us deal with the many moods of my better half...
lithium really helps with the manic phase ...
everything is settling down
and the big competitions are coming up for the state meet and then the nationals!  Aussies!

today was a great day because we were not fighting/arguing..
we are going to make it a point of getting along!!
we had a wonderful time at MCDs and having the 7-11 cappucinos!!
the surf has been so rough and the beaches have been closed so im a little worried that im getting out of shape... but i still feel im in the best shape ive been since the aussies last April!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

with all these wild waters, many items have been washing up..
this is a solar powered something...
im guessing it was a light for a boat named Mariella..
I helped my friend stu carry it up the beach beside his tower..
the beach has been closed for a couple of weeks with a brief respite of sunshine...
at least i feel like im getting in shape and thing are finally back on the upswing after hitting the bottom of the curve..

Monday, February 18, 2013

colin just fell asleep ... ocassionally crying for Mommy and wanting me to phone her.. it's 830 so im sure she rationalizes it...
and wanting to deny that our relationship is at the edge of the precipice... or waiting for the wave to break!!
at least i won the races over the weekend.. and each morning is a new day, but my mate is out enjoying herself when she told me shed be home at 4 so i could go for a swim with my mentor/coach, Stu... im sure stu had a good workout planned ... and it had turned into a miserable rainy day that seems to even bring out the manic episodes of my lady...
will i just close the door and ask to sleep by myself because im so angry with her..

so i can just bask in the glory of winning those races in my mind!!
and I coul
d have still won the race if my handicap was almost 3 minutes more.!!

....and then it looked like he wouldnt eat it because he followed me out into the surf (and maybe thats why he has the cold today) but we had a wonderful time until he saw the bowl of custard gone, so he pees all over our living room facing the ocean...and all night i couldnt figure out where it was coming from as my son has learned how to become a good liar... i found the mess and puddles of pea in the morning so believe it or not we worked together on cleaning all the dirty rugs and the pee stained tiles...but the day went south when i took colin home from the oasis shopping center and asked if i could my trust my better half to come home at 4 , so i could go swimming with stu and get our pool training... now its 9 and wonder when my wife will call me from some strange house with new friends that my wife has made... but at least its peaceful because we would be arguing when she arrived and i wouldnt have the chance to just write and vent to my friends on facebook..probably a little too much info... but my friend, crowmac took the precedent among his facebook friends!

Friday, February 08, 2013

i havent written much in here I guess because Ive been on facebook so much...
i told my better half to just go the bar if she wanted to drink
after we already shared several large beers...
but that wasnt enough on what I thought would be a romantic evening...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

in the middle of this cyclone in 2013.... maybe the Mayans were off by a year....
because the high tide is coming....
and i have to prepare for that big wave!!
watching Ky Hurst on TV, after he has practicing in front of our home a couple days a week...
he is a competitor...
he was able to do well on the swim...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

im excited about getting back in shape!!
im feeling the energy after hitting the metaphoric bump in the road!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

a nice day to get over the usual repetive nightmares of neighbors who don't like us
body corporate sent me a nasty letter about hosing off with our garden hose while sitting down...
apparently sitting in budgy smugglers offended one of the downstairs neighbors..

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

an old photo that i couldnt resist putting on again

 i can sometimes get so overwhelmed with time...
as the days melt together... and it just seemed like the other day that i took this pic of my son in the american summer..
ive been chatting a lot more about my(our) life on facebook and realize how important it is to take pictures of these fleeting wonderful moments in time...
capturing a day on the beach, where perhaps you connect with a few other parkers on the beach
and dont with others... but you have the same goal...
to absorb the beach life...
to soak in the sun in the morning and get the last of it the evening twilight!!
   i want to get help from LA about this book,
and we have to get aussie citizenship!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

you take your life in your hands everytime you get into one of these automonsters that can take your life any moment by a texter, talker or drinker going furiously one way in a car or bike
i wrote my best little bit of poetry and it was gone...
i basically have to take a picture of this brief moment in time...
you go to bed and it will be another day.
im going to have to go to be soon .. or i will pay for it tomorrow..
colin is having his swim leasson...
i have to take advantage of these brief sleepless moments when i can have the chance to talk to you!!
i have so many things to do...
i just went for a walk out there in low tide
its only about an hour now from dawn...
days accelerate by!!
wow... its finally connecting...
my thoughts to the cyber universe!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Im really feeling my age and almost acting like a retired pensioner...
cept no pension for moi...
and then i get a bang in the head
and i feel my energy ebb with age..
its almost like the 4 months in the states sapped me of what little boyish(?) energy i had..
thinking that ill have this energy for at least 10 more years...
what a fantasy...
and now this pain in the neck bothers me...

my family came home late last night..
i was biking on my 1 speed to the Oasis and back just actually hoping they hadnt been kidnapped...
and my paranoia for bad things takes over...
im partially right in this awful premonition
because i find out my better half was about to kicked out of the surf club after being refused any more drinks...
we separated about 4pm and i was finding out about the fires that were set along the way
i was happy when a neighbor called me to say my finally arrived back home after being distracted by the surf club about 400 meters before our home on Hedges avenue...

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

since my 40s ive been traumatized by the date friday the 13th...
and so now i wonder stupidly about 2013...
especially when on the first day, I take the rip out past the large waves and surf in
only to be lectured by the captain of the patrol
about warning the patrol before I swim...
i wanted to tell him that they are at least 400 meters to walk to
and the rip looked so blue and inviting, that my old legs didnt want to walk that distance just to tell them..
he asked if had life insurance...
i laughed and then he presumed...
"You dont!"
so i didnt feel like discussing this , and  i just continued to workout
and then came home to the power being turned off again in our humble old beach abode, because of a blown fuse (very outdated electricicity) ...
i wondered if this would be the start of a normal day in 2013!

i wrote this kinda prophetic piece and then for the third time im working out with my mentor lifeguard friend , stu..
so i first get stung by the long stringy tentacle of the blue bottle for the 3rd time in a row working out with stu confirming the unluck of the year 2013(??)
ill do another sprint out to the buoy held by a heavy brick that we dragged out more than 50 meters
passed the last ominous intimidating break...
i had an awful premonition of being smacked on my head
of course it happens...
and i think
at least im still alive and not paralyzed but my thoughts are that now its a lot more difficult to move my head in either direction while i write this piece wondering if i should share it with the Mermaid facebook??
i wonder what happened when my skull banged so hard against the sand...
the wave picked me up and flung me hard against the unforgiving sand...
and thinking how ironic that the surf captain asked what would happend if something happened to me
without letting them know i was in this sometimes unforgiving surf
cept this time there were two professionals right there with me
when i was first slammed very hard on my feet
and then the next wave body slammed me on my  skull
and wondered what happened to andy kaufman(the professional very bizarre comedian) when he decided to wrestle against a professional wrestler 3 times his size
and then he had to wear a halo around his broken(?) neck...