Sunday, December 02, 2012

Im thinkin late at night, happy to here in oz, but thinking about this surf swim race as a chess match, but me being down a couple of pieces or missing the queen...
after almost 2 months my handicap(time we start after 0) has come down to 6 minutes... when my handicap reaches down to 530, i should have a chance of at least winning 3rd with at least a cup of coffee!

the rules or times can be corrected (fudged) at the chairman's discretion .
The race often keeps the times that competitors finish with at the end of the year...
but often swimmers will lay off a year , so that they somehow are forgotten and manage to start the year with a very unfair handicap to their advantage.
This would give them a 45 pt advantage before others that were given unfair disadvantages come down to a more competive time.

all finishers should come within 1 minute of each other if the race was fair.
in the start of the season some swimmers were finishing the race before i and some others even after me had started!
i will continue this some more,,,
but half  of a  motrn pm from the states is working so im off to sleep soon!
(that motrin pm incapacitated me today...until i finally went for a warm up swim and chat with stu)

today ended up great knowing that im getting in better shape.., i reckon that ill be able to keep up 4o second pace for each 50 meters ... and eventually continue that pace for 400 meters.. maybe if i do that i could be a medalist in the states and perhaps the aussies!!)

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