Tuesday, November 06, 2012

a long roaD AHEAD... FOR US AND OBAMA!!

esse est percipe!!   to be is to be percieved!!
when we have a vision and a dream... and perceive
happy that our leader will have another 4 years to achieve what he couldn't do before...
i've imagined a life
and others want us to have the world where we know that we will be taken care of!

i was confident that Obama would win but still wary of how the way Bush stole the election from another possibly great leader...Gore... and perhaps we would never have been mixed up in another 2 vietnams!!
 what ifs??
perhaps a better less evil republican party will evolve out of necessity... perhaps a more reasonable moderate Bush, but it would be scary if he ran in 4 years as the neoconservative war machine would perhaps take over continuing our endless wars!

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