Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bateup brings dog back to life with CPR

Hayley Bateup moments after she performed CPR on Jack, a drowning staffy, at Lake Hugh Muntz.
ANIMAL lover Hayley Bateup has taken her passion for canines to another level, stopping a Nippers training session to save the life of a drowning dog.
White staffy Jack was playing with his sister Jess at Mermaid Waters' Lake Hugh Muntz yesterday about 4.45pm when he went under water and did not come back up.
His owner, a Mermaid Waters man, managed to pull Jack out of the water and Bateup said the owner appeared to be "hitting him on the neck."
Bateup, who was training her Mermaid Beach Nippers group, said she rushed over.
"They told me the dog was dead, so I started compressions while the owner did mouth-to-mouth," the ironwoman said.
Bateup said the CPR took about two minutes and she did not think Jack would survive.

"We didn't get a pulse for ages. It was full-on," she said.
"All the kids and parents saw it.
"His heart rate came back and he just laid there for a while trying to breathe.
"His tongue turned from purple to pink so he was coming back to life.
"I was very surprised we got him back because it was taking so long."
Bateup rescued her chihuahua Chi Chi and pomeranian Stevie from the Animal Welfare League and can now add resuscitating Jack the staffy to her list of achievements.
Bateup said it was the first time she had resuscitated an animal.
"I've resuscitated a person after a heart attack but never an animal," she said.
"It was a pretty similar process. I knew exactly what to do and just trialled how much to push down on his chest.
"It's such a great feeling."
The owner will send the dog to the vet this week and told Bateup he would come back next Wednesday to Lake Hugh Muntz to see the group again.
Bateup said the Nippers group called it a day after the rescue.

way to go, Haley!!

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