Tuesday, September 18, 2012

well i broke down  and finally bought a new puter for 330 with tax and 3 year warranty...
after spending  a much larger chunk of cash on something that i had to do
to at least feel vindicated after the trauma i've been through...

i feel so much better when i have my writing pad...
knowing the word is going out there immediately..
im happy Eric is doing better ... a wake up call
but thanks to Obama care, he won't go bankrupt, as any poor victim would in the recent past ...
so Buffy's family will be able to give more love
to the daddy of the home
and hopefully heal with love

I remember the  squatter/builder  knocking obabam care
only a month before he stiffed the hospitals for almost as much he conned me

 while i was helping me him buy his japanes bike and
the boat that could actually fit in my 2 car garage...
while he camped out in my home  free for a year
eric could have easily fixed it for less than half of his shoddy job
where tools were actually left in the roof
after putting a minimal amt of insulating straw

this was the bloke i trusted
 to fix up my home burned by an arsonist redneck squirrel
 who waited until we were one hour out of LA and over the Pacific..
(there was actually a photo of the suicide squirrel)


wow!!   when i did a search for own site, someone else is using my title with a pic of the evil witch!

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